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Management/ Customer Service


Seeking a high-paced  working environment using management and customer service as a framework to succeed in the applicable industry.


Natural Remedy/Supplements
Highly educated in natural and Homeopathic remedies through training and studies over a five-year period.
Efficient Typing
-67 wpm(word per minute) typing with 95% accuracy
Classroom Internship
100+ logged hours in classroom as intern to Post-secondary English education, and Elementary
POS Computer/Sales
Point-of-Sale expertise(IBM and Capacitive touch)

Work experience


General Manager

Moe's Southwest Grill

Musicians, Outlaws, and Entertainers is our company acronym, which proves each and everyday to provide the best food service, and quality time of any fast-casual restaurant. Job responsibilities included but not limited to: Creative marketing strategy, monetary deposit and COGs’(cost of goods vs. labor/sales), catering preparation, oversight of 15+ employees to uphold food safety guidelines, scheduling, inventory audit and ordering, as well as customer service overview to maintain the best possible standard for excellent service.


Operations Lead/Sales

HH Gregg
Customer Service Merchandiser/Lead Lakeland, Fl. A high paced, large volume sales environment where trained in every aspect between sales, operations, management, and fine-tuned customer-relations experiences. Job responsibilities included but not limited to: Preparation for daily operations with goals exceeding 50-100k daily sales, handling and following-up with customer calls and issues, problem resolution and shipment processing involving auditing and delegation. Participant in the Manager-In-Training course, and follow-up with expectations set by such course., Sylvan Learning Centers, 2007-English Tutoring, 2 years

Sales Supervisor

Spencer Gifts
Sales Supervisor Tampa, Fl. Where the company motto is,“ Life's a party and we' re making it fun”, Spencer Gifts sells gift and novelty items for any age and walk of life. Located in a mall environment, job responsibilities included and not limited to: Engaging every customer shopping and making sure they have a positive experience in finding what they need, to setting the store to appropriate retail standards for maximization of sales and efficiency. Supervisors are required to open or close the store involving paperwork checking, monetary balancing, bank depositing, and ensuring the associates employed are engaged and focused on making sure the customers' needs are met in a professional manner.

Assistant Manager

Spirit Halloween
Assistant Manager Tampa, Fl. Energetic, and festive seasonal position in which all Halloween novelty and decorations are sold to close to 200 customers daily. Setup consisted of 10, 000 sq. ft. facility catered to carefully built merchandising from Spencers Inc.. Position entailed management and operations of a team of 13, opening and closing operations, and customer service. Employees are trained thoroughly and helpful in both customer service and retail duties. Functioning as a pop-up store, stock and building materials are constructed and broken down each season with our team annually, and packed up until the next Halloween season.

Sales Associate

Vitamin Shoppe Inc
Keyholder/Sales Associate., Brandon, Fl. An educated, and well-rounded company where health comes first for each and every customer, as well as the associates that are individually guided, and trained through Vitamin Shoppe University for background on meeting each customers health and wellness needs. Introduced to a wide range and variety of products that gave insight on both brand-name and value as well as gaining customer choice and loyalty each day, in a high volume location where being efficient is highly needed.

Assistant Manager

General Nutrition Centers
Assistant Manager Plant City, Fl. An awarding job consisting of daily practice of exceptional customer service to meet customers' health shopping needs. Responsibility-oriented with mastery of natural remedies and supplements a must. Retail and merchandising work more than once a week required on strict deadlines, as well as frequently“ Secret Shopped” with beyond exceptional review. More than three years of both IBM and capacitive-touch point-of-sale register training and eventual expertise, as became the company“ go-to guy” for all things technology and health supplement related. Continues on backside

Catering Specialist

Celebrity Catering
Catering Specialist, Celebrity CateringOctober 1-800-, Tampa, Fl. Very high-paced and physical oriented job that involves nothing less than perfection in the food service industry for some of the most famous and revered in the world. Tasks involve: Food preparation, menu planning, cooking, serving, delivering and shopping, and on-the-spot customer service for over 400 diners each show. Part-time night work, and full days.


Aug 2008Present


Polk State College



Plant City High School


Sylvan Learning