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Mr. Eric Lent is an established leader in the advertising field. After tenures at a few advertising agencies in New York, he began working for S.C. Johnson as a Brand Manager for Drano. Responsible for all aspects of the Drano Drain Care franchise, Eric Lent attained the brand’s highest ever dollar share and achieved a 52-week span of category leadership, a feat the brand had not achieved in 15 years. Eric Lent also served as the Brand Manager for S.C. Johnson’s Glade Air Freshener brand. Responsible for developing products and line extensions, Eric Lent’s team created a new $65 million aromatherapy product and attained the second highest BASES score in the history of S.C. Johnson’s Air Care database. After S.C. Johnson, Eric Lent continued his career with Eastman Kodak in Atlanta, Georgia. Serving as Marketing Director of One-Time Use Cameras and Consumer Digital Services, Eric Lent facilitated growth in both the brand and the service. Eric Lent also worked as the Director of Kodak’s Service and Support Department, directed Kodak’s campaign aimed at youth sales, and shepherded the development of Kodak’s Picture Maker Kiosks and Mobile Phone Imaging. Eric Lent has devoted his talent, experience, and knowledge to The Hershey Company since 2004. Having proven his preternatural managerial skill in Director and Vice President positions for various divisions of the company, Eric Lent was chosen to lead the turnaround of Hershey Canada. As Hershey Canada’s Vice President and General Manager, Eric Lent increased the company’s sales and its operating income. In addition to enhancing field sales productivity and increasing the company’s headcount despite rigorous cost control, Eric Lent improved Hershey Canada’s trade spend ROI and cut its unsaleables in half. Eric Lent later worked to forge a place for The Hershey Company in rapidly expanding markets. Today, Eric Lent is Hershey's Vice President of Global Marketing Excellence and Strategy for Consumer Packaged Goods. In addition to basic advertising and promotion, Eric Lent drives the training, licensing, and digital image initiatives and develops global marketing strategies for Hershey products.

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