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Before moving to Charlotte, North Carolina, Erick Sczap grew up in Kenmore, New York, a suburb of Buffalo.  At an early age Erick gained interest in sports, attending his first Buffalo Bills game at the age of 10 (a 28-0 win over the Green Bay Packers).  By the time Erick reached high school he was an avid fan of the game.  He joined the high school football team, but knee injuries quickly became an issue.  Erick suffered from patellar dislocations that would continue even after football had ended.  Erick finally had his left knee surgically repaired at the age of 33.  Due to these knee issues, Erick turned to a sport where knees didn't matter so much.  Erick began training for armwrestling.  Erick has trained with the South Carolina team as well as the Charlotte Strong Arm Tactics team.  He has won multiple 171-pound novice classes, as well as the 198-pound novice class at the 2009 AAA National Championships in Columbia, South Carolina.  Erick has participated in tournaments throughout the Southeast, including North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Georgia.

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