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Songwriter. Recording Engineer. Music Producer. Avid Pro Tools Recording Software User.


A musical presence in the Phoenix community, Earl Ricker is a songwriter, producer, recording engineer, and experienced user of Pro Tools software. His original compositions are in the country and Christian genres, while his production work for the Arizona Songwriters Circle in Phoenix encompasses folk, pop, indie, and light-rock genres. Earl Ricker is continuously on the lookout for talented singers and songwriters whom he can guide throughout the recording and musical-arranging process, and help attain a music-label deal. Since May, 2011, Mr. Ricker has additionally served as Marketing Strategist with SocialLeadsNow.Com. He works with clients in developing social network-driven approaches that allow for cost-effective marketing and advertising. With experience in Web design and search-engine optimization, he has extensive knowledge of the ins and outs of the Facebook platform for businesses and church organizations. Active in his faith, Earl Ricker serves as Director of Human Resources with the Christian business ministry Gdirect. The Scottsdale firm helps churches produce business directories, both on the Internet and in print. Mr. Ricker has developed sales teams in nationwide locations from Phoenix to Los Angeles, encouraging corporate owners and community leaders to conduct businesses for the good of local churches. Mr. Ricker earned his Bachelor of Science in Business at Northern Michigan University in Marquette. A member of the Theta Chi fraternity, he avidly followed college and NHL hockey during his undergraduate years. He also played for a number of bands, including one that opened for the well-known country artist Joe Stampley. Earl Ricker maintains membership in the Nashville Songwriters Association International.

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Arizona Songwriters Circle

Earl Ricker of Phoenix Arizona is a music producer for Arizona Songwriters Circle. He produces in the Country, Christian, Pop, Light Rock, Easy Listening, Inspirational, Folk, and Indy genres. Earl is searching for exceptionally talented singer/songwriters who have the potential to get a record deal, but need guidance on positioning themselves in terms of song quality, production quality, musical arrangements, and access to musicians, song selection and promotion.



Bachelor of Science

Northern Michigan University