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A junior developer with a Finance & Business Technology Management degree looking to expand into a full stack developer role. Completed Lighthouse Labs Web Development Bootcamp in July 2014 and a software development internship at Pressimus Media Inc working on both front and back-end using PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, HTML, CSS and other technologies. Returned and completed bachelors degree in UBC to expand knowledge regarding database management and software development lifecycle. Worked as a junior developer at Fiitfu CRM Solutions building features such as messaging, business analytics and taking project management responsibilities via JIRA .Enjoys tackling challenging problems and learning new frameworks, languages and technologies. 


Languages/Frameworks: PHP, JavaScript, SQL, HTML, CSS, Yii, CodeIgniter, Ruby on Rails, Sinatra, jQuery

Platforms: Heroku, Git, SVN

Operating Systems: Linux/Unix

Database: PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQLite

Work History

Mar 2016June 2016

Junior Developer

Fiitfu CRM Solutions Inc
  • Designed and implemented events, messages revamp using PHP CodeIgniter, JavaScript, HTML and CSS
  • Implemented business analytics using third-party JavaScript libraries
  • Managed, refactored and updated source code to keep the application sustainable
  • Responsible for managing JIRA and organizing general work flow for team meetings
  • Integrated FreshDesk API to Fiitfu to improve customer service efficiency
Aug 2014Nov 2014

Software Development Intern

Pressimus Media Inc
  • Architected and implemented several key features of the application using PHP Yii, JavaScript, jQuery, MySQL, Amazon S3, and various third-party APIs
  • Worked with front-end and back-end technology development through design, analysis and programming of the platform
  • Followed DRY principle and cleaned the existing code for easier future development
Nov 2011Apr 2014

Co-Founder/Business Development Director

Hollis Mason Creative
  • Created and designed optimal promotion strategy via combining various market reports and analyzing qualitative/quantitative data
  • Simplified and outlined business requirements, leading to clear translation of corporate to practical requirements which enabled effective communication with the business partners
  • Promoted client products via social media marketing




  • Outter is a new category-based messaging protocol that gives power to the recipient.  Github Link:

  • Technologies Used: MEAN Stack, JavaScript, HTML, CSS


  • Use this site to spread the word about your positive habits, and to discover and adopt new positive habits shared by the rest of the Inhabiter community. Link:

  • Technology used: Ruby, Sinatra, HTML, CSS3, Bootstrap, Heroku


  • It is an open source platform that is used by students on a constant basis to interact with the course curriculum. Link:

  • Technology used: Ruby on Rails, HTML, CSS, JavaScript


Sep 2011April 2016


University of British Columbia

Major in Finance & Business Technology Management

May 2014Jul 2014

Web Development Bootcamp

Lighthouse Labs

Full-time Web Development Immersive