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Work experience

Jan 2009Apr 2009

Sports Copy Editor

Central Florida Future

As the sports copy editor, I was responsible for checking all sports stories for factual errors, grammatical errors, and style errors. I was also responsible for writing headlines, captions, and schedules for each issue.

Jul 2005Jul 2008

Student Concession Attendant

Quiet Waters Park

As a student concession attendant, I had a number of responsibilities: prepare and serve concession food such as hot dogs, pizza, and chicken fingers, work the cash register, answer any questions about the park that customers might have, sell general, skate park, and water park admissions, and clean up at the end of the day. During the course of the day, a student concession attendant might have to file documents, switch registers to give a coworker a break, or kick a rowdy patron out.


Customer Service
At Quiet Waters Park, I worked in food service, which, in large part, is customer service. I learned how to deal with a great many situations, all of them concerned with ultimately pleasing the customer.
Basic Math
I've been editing since high school. I was a member of the Panache staff and yearbook staff (which won the highest national award a high school yearbook can win). In college, I worked on the school newspaper, the Central Florida Future, as a copy editor.
When I was little, I was one of the first in my class to start reading. Since then, I've read close to 300 books, and own a nice little library of about 180 books. Besides that, I've read numerous short documents--critical essays, short stories, news stories. I subscribe to Harper's and read the Sun-Sentinal every Sunday.
I've been writing since I was little. In elementary school, I began a book that the librarian promised to publish if I would finish it. I lost interest, though, in favor of basketball. In high school, I wrote for Panache, the school's literary journal, and the yearbook, as a sports writer. In college, I've written numerous critical essays, news stories, news features, sports features, and creative stories.


Aug 2006May 2009

Bachelor of Arts

University of Central Florida

At the University of Central Florida, I studied literature and minored in magazine journalism. I learned a number of skills, including writing (critically, creatively, and journalistically), editing, thinking critically, networking, and a touch of Spanish and linguistics.


Richard Kenney

Dr. Kenney is a mentor in my short journalism career. I wrote my first news story in his class, edited my first article in another of his classes and found my way onto the staff of the Central Florida Future through his encouragement.

Kristen Sehlke

Mrs. Sehlke was one of my managers at Quiet Waters Park.

Lillian Rush

Mrs. Rush has been a family friend for years and acts as a character reference.



Reading, writing, playing sports, watching sports, traveling, grilling, relaxing with friends


I would like to work somewhere in the print industry, even if it means working as a bookseller in a bookstore. Ultimately, I'd like to break into the publishing industry, working my way towards an editorial career at one of the major New York publishing firms.