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Cedric Gooch, 610 Rock Spring Circle, Wylie, Texas 75098, 469-233-6747

Alexis Dawes, 1626 Wood Meadow Court, Wylie, Texas 75098, 972-983-4866

Ted Stephens, Teacher, Wylie East High School, 3000 Wylie East Drive, Wylie, Texas 75098,972-429-3000, [email protected]

Personal Initiative

I'm not the shy type so it won't take me long to hop out of my shell. I am confident in everything I do. I interact will my surroundings very well! I'm not as creative as others but I would grade it a Moderate.

I am a friendly person and will put as mush effort as I can to satisfy the requirements and expectations you are hoping an employee can reach.


I am currently on my schools newscast (Blue-I). I hold an anchor and reporter position. I plan on letting my roles in this field, help me on my goals I would like to reach 10 years from now. I play soccer for my school, my position Goalkeeper and Forward. I also auditioned in choir and made Acapella. During my spare time I would hangout with my friends or go to my cousin's barn in Dallas and work, for a little bit of money, since I am currently unemployed.

Best Work

I would have to say that my best work would have to be My Osama Bin Landen News Bit. I chose that because I put alot of effort and hardwork into the bit. It was the first time I used B-Roll, and I was impressed with how the news bit came out.

Goals for Next Year

My goal for next year is to do everything I did this year but better. Next year I would like to make smarter choices. Also I would focus more on my education than parties and unnecessary materials. As far as grades I am satisfied with them but I believe that I can do alot better. I will hit the books(study) and pay attention more than I do. Hardwork pays off, and I'm putting in as much work as possible, hoping it will pay off later in the future.

Character Trait


Respect is something that has to be earned in my perspective. Teachers, parents, and any authority figures are considered people who are supposed to be given respect. Not only are people supposed to be given respect, but their decisions are also supposed to be respected. I believe respect can take years to earn in come cases.

My first impressioncan also be my last impression so I would try my best to make it worth the time. Also that first and last impression can tell alot about you as far as being respectful to the that certain individual. Respect is easier to lose then it is to gain. It can be lost by a word or a decision that you have made if others do not agree with it. People can spend their whole lives thinking of ways to earn respect, but unless you do something or put effort into getting respect it will not be earned.


Giving out information or news to others is a skill, I would say, "Im strong at!"
I gained this skill around the beginning of 2011. It wasnt as easy as others made it seem, asking questions at the top of your head or remembering simple question. But at the same time making sure the questions you ask are appropriate. Ive made mistakes in this skill, but I have also learned from it. I am also working on becoming stronger on this skill!