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My dedication to teaching encompasses my attention of following the curriculum and creating new ways of assessing student’s performance while utilizing differentiated instruction, universal design for learning, technology, inclusion, creativity and linking in-school learning to everyday life.

Community Involvement

Junior Boys Basketball Playdown Tournament

Bolton C. Falby Public School                                                                                                                April 2010

§Collaborated with team about strategies and game plays

§Responsible for health and safety of students athletes

Volleyball Assistant Coach

Lester B. Pearson Public School                                                                                                    Nov-Dec 2010

§Collaborated with team about strategies and game plays

§Responsible for safety of students

§Created different volleyball practice drills and circuits

§Interacted and communicated with parents, principal and community

Student Training for Lakehead Women's Varsity Basketball Team

Lakehead University                                                                                                              Sept 2008-Apr 2010

§This job entails wrapping, taping, and massaging the athletes before and after games/practices

§Wrapping and taping the injuries of the athletes in order to play

§Ensure that at each game and practice the girls were safe and no accidents occurred

§Completed 400 hours of volunteer time

Erin Physio Fitness

Erin, Ontario                                                                                                                                    Summer 2009

§Physiotherapist assistant

§Interacted with patients with regards to physiotherapy and rehabilitation

§Using modalities to help heal patients (i.e. ultrasound, IFC, Thermotherapy, Cyrotherapy, etc.)

§Monitoring the gym area and creating exercise programs for rehabilitation purposes

Swimming Instructor for Special Olympic Athletes

Thunder Bay, Ontario                                                                                                            Sept 2008-Apr 2009

§Worked with a wide diversification of age groups (6-30 years old)

§Athletes had a wide range of abilities (i.e., Learning Disabilities, Behavioral Exceptionalities, Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities, Autism Spectrum Disorder, and athletes with Neurological disabilities)

§Provided positive feedback on their strokes for improvement from week to week

§Created a success criteria for the athletes to become successful in a swimming atmosphere


Aug 2010May 2011

Bachelor of Education

Lakehead University
Sep 2006May 2010

Honours Bachelor of Kinesiology

Lakehead University

Reference Letters

Certificates & Workshops

Practicum Assessments

Work experience

Apr 2011Jun 2011

JR/SR Kindergarden Volunteer

East Garafraxa Public School

§During the literacy program read with individual students one-on-one

§Delivered lessons using differentiated instruction (i.e., arts and crafts, games, hands on activities, student  centers)

§Constructed the end of year Mathematics Oral Counting Assessments

Mar 2011Apr 2011

Grade 2 Teacher Candidate

Bolton C. Falby Public School

§Maintained a professional relationship with learners in the school as well as colleagues and students

§Planned lessons and units that reflected cross-curriculum expectations(i.e., 2 Week Fraction Unit, 2 Week Time Unit, Persuasive Writing, Media Literacy, Circles and Lines Art Unit and a Locomotion Phys. Ed. Unit)

§Delivered lessons using differentiated instruction and incorporating the multiple intelligences (i.e., enhancing learning through technology, student centered learning, small group instruction, one-on-one instruction, and hands-on activity)

§Fulfilled the duties and obligations of the homeroom teacher (i.e. Classroom Management)

§Participated and contributed ideas in TLCP meetings and planning time

§Implemented all forms of assessments in units (i.e., oral, written, and on going observation assessments)

§Created and delivered the learning goals and success criteria to all students before the lesson started

Nov 2010Dec 2010

Grade 4 Teacher Candidate

Lester B. Pearson Public School

§Portrayed commitment to students and students’ learning by creating class and individual student profiles which indicate the students strengths, needs and interests

§Implemented classroom management strategies (i.e., maintaining classroom routines, creating a warm, positive, welcoming environment,having mutual respect with student-teacher interactions)

§Adapt to change in schedules and routines (e.g., assemblies, PLC meetings)

§Designed and instructed a variety of lessons covering a broad spectrum of subjects (e.g., Literacy, Mathematics, Science, Physical Education, Music, etc)

§Provided one-on-one assistance to students with learning disabilities and created lessons that accommodated all students (i.e., student centered, hands on activities)

§Facilitated student learning based on principles and programming; motivate students to complete their daily tasks and provide assistance for independent achievement (e.g., PLC and success criteria)

Apr 2008Aug 2010

Assistant Daycare Provider

Mom 2 Mom Daycare

§Responsible for the health and safety of the children aging from 2 to 8

§Interact with the children by doing various activities, which include crafts, games, playtime and planning of educational field trips (i.e. The Toronto Zoo, ROM, Ontario Science Center, and Bird Conservation Area)

§Assisted the children with completing daily homework assignments from school

§Conducted circle time with stories and a daily message board

Sep 2006May 2010

Head Lifeguard

Lakehead University Pool

§Responsible for safety of participants in and around the pool

§General lifeguarding as well as preparing Aquafit programs and instructional classes

§Knowledgeable of emergency procedures for facilities

§Responsible for set up and take down of equipment and the opening/closing of the pool

§Assisted instruction when instructors required help

Ontario College of Teachers Act


Jun 2011Present


Ontario College of Teachers
Jul 2011Present

English as a Second Language Part 1

Lakehead University
Jun 2011Present

Sepcial Education Part 1

Lakehead University
Jun 2011Present

Intermediate Health & Physical Education

Lakehead University
May 2011Present

TRIBES Training

Feb 2010Mar 2013

First Aid & CPR Level C

Red Cross
Mar 2010Mar 2012


National Lifeguard Society