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An established manager who helps employees and companies grow. Becomes the go-to person to help with any situation. Has conducted orientation, training, and coaching of staff. Worked with the management of training, scheduling and motivation of store personnel. Always provides the highest customer service. Thinks of creative ways to motivate staff.

Work History


Inventory Analyst

Feit Electric

Work with Menard's exclusively to become knowledgeable of Menard's process and systems for Feit

Forecast for upcoming sales and promotions

Make sure product arrives to the Distribution Centers on time and with proper amount

Reconcile any missing product from store reconciliation

Reconcile any missing shipments

Monitor Inventory levels to maintain proper service levels

Submit reports to Menard's team on sales and inventory issues both weekly and monthly


Inventory Control Manager

Crayola Experience

Work with suppliers to make supply chain flow improvements

Research and fix issues on reporting of inventory levels

Communicate the problems with company and suppliers over invoices

Identify and improve processes to help multiple locations

Work with Finance to fix any pricing errors on shipments

Reconcile invoices from suppliers to what was received

Reconcile any customer complaints or concerns

Work with supplier of new system to improve department reporting


Work Director/Inventory Supervisor

MoneyGram International

Meet business requirements for logistics and inventory levels

Oversee 2 projects that helped improve performance for customers

Report monthly metrics back to management team

Offer creative solutions to issues of supply chain with supplier, company, and end user

Work as a liaison across departments to help improve operation management

Logistics management of equipment from supplier to end user and end user to supplier



Globe University

B.Sc Business Adminstration

Minnesota School of Business