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Work experience

Aug 2009Oct 2010

Financial Analyst/Research Administrator

Stanford University, PULSE Institute

In addition to financial analysis, I provided project and event management, proposal development and a variety of Research Administration tasks.

I was fully responsible for the coordination, promotion, and execution of the 2010 summer school.  See link below for event details.

UXSS 2010


Jan 2008Present

Bachelor of Science

San Jose State University

I am currently attending SJSU as a Marketing major.  I have 5 years experience as a financial analyst. Throughout my professional career I have been constantly involved in project management, event management, fundraising, outreach, and of course attending school.  My pursuit of education has been a long one that has accompanied my career growth and I am determined to finish.  My graduation date is December- 2011.

I have been a project leader for a semester long Integrated Marketing Communications program.  Check out my portfolio to see some of the work I produced.  I worked with an artist on the character for the logo, and had minimal support to setup some of the photoshop files.  Other than that, all the work I show is created 100% by me. I am not a graphic artist, video post-production, or marketing expert, but I hope my portfolio can highlight my versatility, creativity, and ability to both learn and perform.

After graduation, I hope to pursue my PMP certification.

Current GPA 3.5


Associate of Arts

San Jose City College

I studied at various community colleges on my way to pursue my degree and education goals. I finished my Associate of Arts, Business at SJCC and then transferred to San Jose State University.


Video Editing
I can do some basic editing of video (add title slides, add voice overs, compression, export to YouTube) via Final Cut Pro.  I am constantly developing this skill. The portfolio video item was created in iMovie.  I have samples of minor editing I have done I can provide if needed.
I am learning how to perform basic tasks in modifying images.  I am not a designer, but I have some skill I am developing.
I am a user, not developer.  I can navigate, create tables, import data, perform basic queries and create basic reports. I am very comfortable working with most databases whether in Oracle, MS Cubes, Access or mainframe.
I have participated in many proposals (governmental contracts and research grants) where the language, equations, formatting are dynamic and complex.  I am typically a go-to when it comes to MS Office Suite, with the exception of Access. 
I have created senior management presentations, integrated links to live data, utilize animation, movie/sound features effectively and provide a professional aesthetic to my work.
Currently I am expanding my analysis skill set to learn about Data Mining through the use of XL Miner.  It is one of my courses at SJSU that is both challenging and rewarding.  I can write functions, basic macros, pivot tables, lookups, and analyze/interpret large datasets.


Shannon Garvey

"While working with Erica in two Marketing classes at San Jose State University I have noticed some of the strong characteristics she possesses. She is an extremely hard working and highly self-motivated individual. When our group was faced with a specific task she took the initiative to bring everyone’s ideas together in order to create concrete goals and objectives for the team. This greatly contributed to the cohesiveness of the group. She showed a high level of interpersonal skills when working with each member. Erica was approachable for assistance and any problems me and the other members faced. For these reasons, the team looked up to her and she was able to motivate the team to work effectively.She was easy to work with and showed passion in every task handed her way. Erica is a positive as well as an intelligent individual and I look up to her as one of my role models".

Art Shively

Erica is a very smart, high-energy person whom I recommend highly. In the time that Erica worked for me at CTB/McGraw-Hill, she rose from an office assistant role to became a very gifted financial analyst. This was accomplished through on-the-job training, formal schooling and a great deal of natural "smarts." By the time that I left CTB/McGraw-Hill, Erica was tasked with complex financial analysis related to large investments and cost accounting management of large contract-based revenue accounts. Erica's performance in these challenging situations was superb. In addition, Erica is a very pleasant and cheerful person. Her personality had a significant positive impact to the CTB Fiance Department and company as a whole. She personally led many company-wide initiatves that not only benefited the community, but were also highly valued by the employee base.

Rich Seger

Rollin' Pizza IMC Project

Viral Video Teaser

Class Project Radio Ad/Poster


Gaming, Technology, Music, Dancing, Hiking, Karaoke, Cooking and learning.



The last year has been eventful for me.  I have decided to switch gears from a Finance focus to Marketing and also leave my wonderful position at Stanford in order to finish my degree. I am very close to finishing and am excited about what the future holds.  

I have many years of experience in the field of Finance/Accounting in multiple settings.  My work environment at CTB/McGraw-Hill was very structured and corporate which provided me with many best practices and invaluable mentorship from senior management.  At Con-Agra Foods it was a smaller operation with a heavy emphasis on the manufacturing/operations and this gave me lots of opportunities to expand my skill-set and delve into performance metrics which lead to going back to McGraw-Hill as a Business Analyst to support Research/Product Development with their finance and performance metrics.  

After the economy started to decline, a new opportunity arose in unemployment.  My fiance and I decided to open up a freelance graphic/web design service, RM Design,  and I provided basic business operations support (marketing and finance) and project management while he worked in production.  From there, opportunities in marketing and finance have continued to present themselves, but throughout my educational progress I have found an aptitude and keen interest in marketing.  I find myself without technical marketing experience and am open to various possibilities while I complete my education.  I have 4 classes in the Spring semester and 3 in the fall.  Please take a look around and to get to know a little about me.  If you think I may be a match, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Thank you for taking the time to visit.  I hope to hear back from you. 



I am seeking to find either a part-time, contract, or intern position with a firm where I can gain marketing experience.  The areas of interest in which I would like to develop skills within marketing are:

  • Strategy
  • Public Relations
  • Project Management
  • Advertising (Traffic or any account coordination)
  • Product Dev/Launch

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