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Overall I have a plethora of different skills that I have obtained in my years of working with the public and also with the employers that I have been with. I have never been asked to resign or been prematurely let go. I have ended the majority of my positions on great terms and would consider myself rehirable to all of them. I consider myself a hard worker and a valuable asset to any business. 

Work experience



Artisan restaurant and hotel

Worked as a server, hostess, backwait (reinforcement for servers, bartenders, expoditors)

Also worked on the street level with the public to market the business and it's recent promotions.


Customer service manager/ Customer retention

TLT Services

I oversaw the customer service reps and the daily functions needed to maintain quality care. From "warm and fuzzy" outgoing calls to inbound customer relations calls.

I also was the lead customer retention rep for the company, maintaining as many satisfied customers as able when working with the public.

I was also in charge of such duties as obtaining a "docu-sign" or electronic signature from clients, filing requested information for the merchant or the banks we worked with.



Brian's BBQ

Worked serving, expoditors, hosting, cashier for the restaurant portion.

Worked as caterer for the special events when needed. I was sent on private parties to weddings to local food bazaars. Set up, serve, and clean up crew all in one.


Salon Manager/Stylist

Legends Salon

Ran a fully operational salon, the daily functions along with the hiring and firing of employees. Inventory and ordering, scheduling of classes for continuing education.




Winter Park High School

Basic areas of study in order to achieve my diploma.

Was involved in NJROTC, also the work study program.

Played softball and ran track as extra curricular activities.



Daytona State College

Performed the state mandated requirements for the cosmetology license both practical and intellectual. 

Started and finished promptly within a 12 month period. Acquired my license from the state after passing my exams.


AA in Psychology

Daytona State College

Started my needed courses to achieve a degree in psychology.

Became the president of the campus psychology club for the full term I attended the college.

I did not finish my class load or obtain the degree, I withdrew from school for personal reasons but have never lost the knowledge obtained in that time.


Reading, Comprehension, Communication

I always scored well above my peers in language arts and communicative abilities as well as comprehension and problem solving. 

I can talk to any group of people on a small scale of one on one to a very large scale of public speaking. I work well single handedly and thrive in group settings.

I am a team player and work well with management as well as subordinates. I am to accomplish whatever goal is placed in front of me and work to help others achieve the nessasary goals they are faced with as well.

Text section

Also from my many years in the salon industry as well as the extracurricular activities I've participated in throughout, I am able to stand on my feet for long hours and am strong enough to lift well over 50 lbs. 

I am not afraid of hard work both physically or intellectually. Both areas suit me just fine and I can hold my own in any setting.