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My main and ultimate goal is to be the best nurse I can be! I am eager, as well as, excited in the possibility of becoming a Registered Nurse with your prestigious organization. It is opportunities like this that will allow me to gain the experience and knowledge needed to help me reach my professional goals.

Work experience

Mar 2014May 2015

Texas Health Resources

I am currently employed at Texas Health Resources Harris Southwest on the Med/Surg Telemetry unit. I work as a patient care tech as well as a nurse extern. With this title I am able to perform insertion of IV's, Foley catheters, and nasogastric tubes. I have also been given the privilege to float to Post partum in which I have been helping for approximately six months.

Aug 2013May 2015

Weatherford College

I am currently in the Associates Degree nursing program, in which I have completed three full semesters; giving me additional clinical experience. I have now begun the fourth and final semester with the program. I am anxious for graduation and am beginning to prepare for the NCLEX.

Aug 2010May 2011

Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center 


I did one year in the nursing program at Texas Tech University, which included 1 year experience of clinicals. Unfortunately, I was unable to continue there as life decided to take me on another path. I am grateful for the challenge, for it is these roadblocks that I have conquered, that have made me stronger, wiser, and more determined than ever!


Jan 2012May 2013

Bachelor of Arts Psychology minor Biology

University of Texas at Arlington

I started/completed my freshman year of college at UTA in August 2007-May 2008. I then grew my “wings” and decided to branch out to Texas Tech (2 yrs.) to finish up necessary courses/prerequisites for the nursing program. As my path took a curve, I decided to come back to UTA where I obtained a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology degree with a minor in Biology.

Aug 2008May 2010

Texas Tech University

I completed 2 years of prerequisites for the nursing program at this university.


lab draws
IV placement 
Patient Care
Hearing, Vision, Spine Screening


Alex Ponce de Leon RN, BSN 

Radiology RN at Children's Medical Center Dallas 

Amy Morris RN, BSN

Colleague- Harris Southwest 

Carla Crider RN, MSN

Clinical Instructor