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Aviation is my life. My passion and dedication have driven me to excel in aviation, and steered me to pursue a career of flying. While my ratings and flight time show my flight experience, my knowledge in general aviation extends much further. I have been involved in aviation most of my life, and have been working in the maintenance sector or the industry prior to any flight experience. Having an enhanced aircraft structure, powerplant, and systems knowledge has allowed me to be a more productive, confident and safer pilot.

Work experience

Feb 2009Present

Aircraft Maintenance Assistant

Lake Village Aero Service

At Lake Village Aero Service (LVAS) I serve as an assistant to the licensed Authorization Inspector and Airframe/Powerplant mechanic. My experience ranges from annual inspections on single engine fixed gear aircraft, through complex rated aircraft and up to small twin reciprocating airplanes. At LVAS I am also involved in heavy repairs on engines as well as air frame structural work.. My duties include one-on-one assisting with maintenance, supervised solo aircraft maintenance, taxiing and ground handling of aircraft, aircraft ferrying/relocation, maintenance publication filing and referencing, and post maintenance test flying.

Dec 2012Present


Park Forest South Aviation Group

Since 2012 I have been flying for Park Forest South Aviation Group as a primary tow pilot for our glider operations. From my flying at PFSAG, I have been fortunate enough to build over 75 hours of PIC time through nearly 300 tows. The fast paced environment that we operate in has allowed me to hone my flying skills through enhanced focus, superior aircraft control, better radio and communication skills and an overall enhanced resource management capability.

Apr 2013Apr 2017

Board of Directors Member

Park Forest South Aviation Group

I am currently a board member at Park Forest South Aviation Group (PFSAG) where I am serving a 4 year term. In addition to my board responsibilities, I am also responsible for corporate secretarial duties. Being part of PFSAG's governing body has allowed me to learn a great deal about the corporate structure, given me the ability to express and implement my ideas concerning PFSAG's future, and provided me with the opportunity to spread my passion for aviation.



Aug 2011Present

Private Pilot - SEL

Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)
Oct 2012Present

Private Pilot - Glider

Federal Aviation Administration
Feb 2015Present

Instrument Rating

Federal Aviation Administration
Aug 2011Present

Tailwheel Endorcement

Dec 2012Present

Glider Towing Certified