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Software Developer with a strong engineering background and experience managing teams that build internal tools and customer-facing systems. Built out a high performing teams responsible for creating and maintaining several business critical systems that made it easier to support and engage with customers. Experienced in leadership, project management, and mentoring of software engineers.   I love meeting new people and learning about their experiences while building large-scale tools and systems that solve complex problems.

Work History


July 2016Present

Technical Project Manager

Manage projects and developers working on several projects. Worked on demos and technical prototypes to evaluate new technologies the team is looking at using.

  • Work with leadership to plan out project scopes and timelines.
  • Work with team members to plan out projects and features based on user feedback
  • Built a tech demo of using TDD, .Net core, ReactJS and Docker to show how they can be used to save the team time and increase project stability.
  • Build out prototypes to demonstrate new technologies like elasticsearch, react, .net core, and others.
  • Track project timelines and progress using Jira and other tools.
  • Gather, process and visualize datasets to help plan out several critical projects

Tableau Software

Sep 2015July 2016

Development Manager

Ensure the Customer Data Platform team has all the resources needed to build systems that enable Tableau to support both internal and external customers effectively.

  • Provide direction and planning for the team's current and future projects
  • Work with development leadership to craft long-term strategy and vision
  • Create Specifications and timelines for new features.
  • Increased sprint velocity by 30% by building out a build, test, and deployment systems
  • Work with team customers to  prioritize work to get the most value out of each sprint
  • Guide the team in Scrum practices and procedures to manage workload
  • Build prototypes to keep the systems up to date with the latest technologies
    • Built the first AngularJS 2 app to create a base template for use in future projects
    • Worked to build out templates for both AngularJS 1 & 2
  • Meet for regular monthly 1 on 1's and hold quarterly and yearly reviews
  • Provide mentorship and guidance to promote team members' success
  • Work to grow the team by:
    • Running technical phone screening of potential candidates 
    • Participating in interviews for Project Managers and Software Engineers
    • Providing continued on-boarding training and mentoring for new hires
    • Filled open positions in 2015 to increase team size by 60%

Tableau Software

Jan 2014Aug 2015

Software Engineer Team Lead

Provided direction for the team's projects

  • Ensured productivity by making sure roadblocks were resolved
  • Acted as the main point of contact for all projects the team built
  • Provided mentorship and guidance to the team
  • Managed all project workload planning using Scrum and agile practices and procedures
  • Grew the team by screening potential candidates and participating in interviews

As the Lead for the Product Quality Tools team, I provided overall architectural direction and helped guide the team to complete tasks in a quick and efficient manner.


  • Log Processing & Analysis is a system that allows internal teams to analyze Tableau Logs by running custom user logic to pull out important data.  The data is then put into Tableau viz's to help find bug root cause or to gain insight into how our customers use the various products. I helped build the initial prototypes and managed the team that built the final distributed system.
  •  Support Bug Transfer is a website that expedites the process of turning customer Salesforce issues into requests that development can easily triage and fix. I mentored the developer who built and manages the system and am currently helping him update the system to a .Net back-end with an AngularJS front-end.
  • Metrics allows the team to easily post application metrics from all our systems and analyze them in Tableau.  I managed the senior engineer who designed and built the system.  I ensured he had the time and resource to complete the system to meet the requirements that the team had.

Tableau Software

Aug 2013Dec 2013

Software Engineer

Part of the Product Troubleshooting Tools and Data Systems teams where I gained invaluable knowledge about the company and its products, which helped me identify and solve problems that needed to be addressed.

  • Defined the processes for how Tableau handles crash analysis company wide
  • Worked to create a scalable system to support the growing crash processing system
  • Mentored and helped team members write scripts to automate Tableau Server deployments


  • Crash Processing System that automated processing of all crashes coming into Tableau.  I was responsible for the initial design and implementation of the back-end and front-end that was built using .Net.  I designed the initial algorithm that aggregated crashes to consolidate them down into actionable buckets.  This aggregation allowed developers and development leadership to quickly see the highest impact crashes backed by data so they could fix them quickly.

Blizzard Entertainment

Mar 2013Jul 2013

Software Engineer

Was a member of the Overwatch Automation team where I helped create internal developer tools to automation and improve developer and artist productivity.

Blizzard Entertainment

Sep 2011Feb 2013

Assistant & Associate Software Engineer

Was a member of the Overwatch Automation team helping to start building out test automation frameworks and tools in the early phases of development.  

Blizzard Entertainment

Feb 2009Aug 2011

Quality Assurance Analyst

Helped test several Blizzard games including World of Warcraft, StarCraft 2 and Diablo 3 to verify that they were ready or release and of the highest quality.  I started out in QA focusing on environment testing but them moved over to help automate various processes to help the WoW team work more efficiently.


University of Idaho

Aug 2004May 2008

Bachelor of Science, Virtual Technology and Design

Degree in Virtual Technology and Design (3D Modeling and Architecture) along with various CS classes.