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Currently pursuing a PhD in chemistry at the University of Central Florida with an emphasis in biochemistry and nanoscience. Previously worked at Quest Diagnostics, professional volleyball player at Liechtensteiner Volleyball Verband, and volleyball coach at various establishments. 

Work History

Aug 2012Present

Teaching Assistant

University of Central Florida

Taught general chemistry and organic laboratory techniques to undergraduate students. Responsible for grading, designing quizzes, finals, and handling student affairs.

Feb 2015Present

Graduate Research Assistant 

University of Central Florida

Research with Dr. Dmitry Kolpashchikov: sex determination of ancient human remains using a deoxyribozyme sensor. Experience with PCR, gel electrophoresis, fluorescence assay development, UV-Vis, sensor development, DNA, synthetic oligonucleotides, human DNA.

Nov 2013Mar 2016

Head Coach

Orlando Volleyball Academy

Taught volleyball skills to girls, ranging in age from 7-17 years old. Conducted private lessons, as well as full team practices. Conversed with parents and handled team disputes. Traveled with players to out of state competitions.  

Teams:12 North Regional (2013-2014); Mini club (2014); 15 North Elite (2014-2015); Training league (2016)

Aug 2012Feb 2015

Graduate Research Assistant

University of Central Florida

Research with Dr. Manuel Perez: Fabricated and modified iron oxide nanoparticles and gold nanoparticles for the detection and treatment of prostate cancer. Cultured prostate cancer cells (PC-3, PSMA (+) PC-3, LNCAP), microphages, and fibroblasts. Experience with fluorescent microscopy, dynamic light scattering, relaxometer, NMR, fluorescent spectroscopy, UV-Vis, and wet chemistry.

May 2012Jul 2012

Laboratory Associate 

Quest Diagnostics

Worked in the immunology department and ran ELISA tests for celiac's disease.
Worked in the fecal department testing for various disorders. Responsible for human serum samples, sample delivery, patient privacy. Followed strict SOPs. 

Feb 2012Jun 2012

Assistant Coach

Club West (Corona, CA)

 Assisted the head coach in teaching discipline and increasing the skill level of each player. Mentored several players due to collegiate and professional experience.

Team: 16-1.

Dec 2011Feb 2012

Professional Athlete

Liechtensteiner Volleyball Verband LVBV

Professionally played volleyball, trained daily for at least 2 hours, and traveled to participate in the Swiss League. 

Aug 2011Nov 2011

Head JV Coach

Saint Mary's School

Coached freshman and sophomores at a boarding school while the players were dealing with issues concerning being away from home. 

Jun 2008Aug 2011


North Carolina State

Summer camps with NC State Head Coach Charita Stubbs and Head Coach Bryan Bunn. Supervised campers overnight, ran drills, and escorted campers to facility. 

Nov 2007Jun 2011

Assistant Coach

Club Red Volleyball (Raleigh, NC)

Taught volleyball to high school girls at a non-profit organization. Inspired teenagers to learn discipline, drive and other important life skills. Responsible for the improvement of individuals at excelling at the sport of volleyball and pressure of producing a winning team. Dedicated countless hours and weekends to teaching players how to reach success. Planned practices and managed team disputes.


14-1 (2007-2008); 13-1 (2008-2009); 15-1 (2009-2010); 17-1 (2010-2011)

May 2010Aug 2010

Undergraduate Researcher 

North Carolina State University

Research with Dr. Gavin Williams. Investigated Directed Evolution of enzymes and biological chemistry.

May 2009Aug 2009


California Insurance Specialist 

Efficiently completed various tasks, such as filing, completing forms in insurance computer programs, and mailing out important documents.


Aug 2012May 2014

Chemistry (MS)

University of Central Florida

Graduated May 02, 2014

Aug 2007Dec 2011

Chemistry (BA)

North Carolina State University

Graduated December 19, 2011

Aug 2007Dec 2011

Biochemistry (BS)

North Carolina State University

Graduated December 19, 2011


Design of a Multi-Dopamine-Modified Polymer Ligand Optimally Suited for Interfacing Magnetic Nanoparticles with Biological Systems.

May 20, 2014
We have designed a set of multifunctional and multicoordinating polymer ligands that are optimally suited
for surface functionalizing iron oxide and potentially other magnetic nanoparticles (NPs) and promoting their
integration into biological systems.



Strong development of leadership skills due to lifetime involvement in sports and from competing in youth club, collegiate, and professional levels. Collegiate career consisted of academic honors, conference honors, and captain for 3 consecutive years. Coaching career consisted of running camps and clinics, directing other coaches, and coaching at competitive levels.  

Laboratory Techniques

Electrophoresis, FPLC, HPLC, Bradford assay, Chromatography, growing cultures, microbiology techniques, MS, fluorescent microscopy, dynamic light scattering, relaxometer, NMR, fluorescent spectroscopy, UV-Vis, PCR, fluorescence assays development, UV-Vis, sensor development, DNA, synthetic oligonucleotides design

Microsoft Office

Word, Excel, Powerpoint