Elier P. Tingzon Jr.

Elier P. Tingzon Jr.

Structural Engineer


Jun 1990 - Mar 1995

Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering

North-West Samar Estate University

Registered Civil Engineer with PRC number 0075734.

Work experience

Work experience
Jul 2013 - Present

Structural Engineer

Beca Limited

Structural Engineer

Beca Limited – Oct 2007 – Present

85Molesworth St. Wellington

Initial Seismic Assessment, Detailed Seismic Assessment and Strengthening:

Selected Project List:

1.  Detailed Seismic Assessment of 'The Station Hotel' (2-storey timer building)

2.  Detailed Seismic Assessment of Brighton Mall (2-storey tilt-up wall building)

3.  Detailed Design and Strengthening of Fulton Hogan Offices (2-storey RC building)

4.  Detailed Seismic Assessment of University of Canterbury Buildings  Stocks     

    • EN20 – Dangerous Goods Store (Civil Engineering)
    • GS10 – ELC Montana Early Learning School
    • GS52 – Warehouse
    • Many more to mention

5.  Detailed Seismic Assessment of University of Waikato (4-storey RC building)

6. Seismic Assessment of Istanbul Government Buildings

    • Hazim Ersu Primary School Building (5 storey) – Concrete Structure-         
    • Fatih Mehmet Akif Primary School Building (4 storey) – Concrete Structure
    • Kagithane Zafer Primary School Building (2 Storey) – Concrete Structure
    • Sultangazi Cebeci Primary School Building (3 Storey) – Concrete Structure
    • Bakirkoy Primary School (3 Storey) – Concrete Structure

7.  Initial Seismic Assessment of Buildings from various clients

    • City Councils
    • Banks
    • Commercial Properties
    • Residentials


  • Obtain drawings from the clients/city council archives. 
  • Review drawings and conduct site visual inspection to record damages on the building.
  • Recommend/request intrusive inspection to ascertain the structural system of the building, in case drawing is not available. 
  • Responsible in carrying-out Initial Seismic Assessment (ISA) using Initital Evaluation Procedure (IEP) spreadsheet and Detailed Seismic Assessment (DS) on the building.
  • Responsible in providing report highlighting the critical structural weakness of the building (CSA) and explaining the effect of the damage observed on the property and its potential significance to the seismic performance of the building. 
  • Coordinate and discuss the outcome of the analysis with the job manager and come-out with possible solutions on buildings identified to be potentially earthquake risk/prone.
  • Summarises the results of the assessment in terms of the building scores in accordance to New Zealand Society of Earthquake Engineering (NZSEE).
  • Carryout concepts for strengthening work.
Oct 2007 - Jul 2013

Structural Engineer

Beca Limited

Industrial, Civil and Power Project:  Design of Equipment Foundation, Pipe support, Tank Foundation, Reservoir, Winery and Bus Insulator Support for Power Project and Communication Masts and Foundation.

Idustrial Projects:

Design of Post Tensioned Reservoirs and Clarifiers

  • Blenheim Low Reservoir, 10,000m³ and Valve chamber, Marlborough District Council
  • Victoria Domain Reservoir, 3000m³, Marlborough District Council
  • Porirua Clarifier (40m. dia@ 5500m³) and Pump Station, Puriroa District Council

Reservoir Strengthening Works:

  • Structure: Mac Cormack PT(5000 m³) and Huntsbury RC (5000 m³) Reservoirs (C/C)


  • Responsible in checking design parameters required for the assessment/design of reservoir.
  • Coordinate and discuss with the senior engineer all parameters required for the design/analysis prior to work execution.
  • Responsible in the detailed design of a reservoir - horizontally post tensioned and vertically prestressed.
  • Carryout detailed design of in-situ valve chamber.
  • Responsible in producing sketches for cad works.
  • Involved in seismic assessment, strengthening and retrofit of existing reservoir.

Bluescope Project -Sydney Australia – March 2008

  • Involved in the detailed design of Gantry, Pre-classifier Tower and pipe supports.
  • Responsible in equipment foundations design subject to vibration.

Kupe Power Plant Project – Taranaki – October 2007

  • Responsible in the detailed design of equipment stands, pipe racks and tank foundation.
  • Involved in the structural design and analysis of equipment platforms, gantry, auxiliary and ancillary buildings.
  • Involved in the structural design analysis of oil tank ring beam foundations.
  • Provide drafting works as support to cad team.

Power Projects:

HVDC Pole 3 Switchyard Upgrade Project - 220kV AC yard and 350kV DC yard  (Benmore & Haywards, NZ - Feb 2011) 

  • Responsible in the detailed design of all rigid bus stand supports in accordance to IEEE 693 and Transpower standards. 
  • Responsible in the design of communication masts and foundation.
  • Responsible in producing Cad drawings for equipment supports and foundation from design phase to construction.
  • Responsible in the design coordination with the clients and taking action of the comments received from the peer reviewer.

Winery Projects:

Damage Assessment on Winery Tanks:

Yealands, Pernod Ricard and Gisborn Wine Tank - Blenheim

Project Century – Lion Nathan Breweries (Auckland, NZ)


  • Involved in the damage inspection of the winery tanks.
  • Involved in damage assessment work.
  • Involved in seismic assessment  of tanks.
  • Involve in tank strengthening works.  

McWilliams Wine Tank, Au -Structural Engineer – March 2009

  • Responsible in the detailed design of 235kL Spirit Tank Foundation based on API 650 as required by the client.

Civil Projects:

Hanua-4 Watermain Project (Auckland, NZ), Nov 2010

  • Responsible in the design of Valve Cambers, 3D modelling of Valve chamber required for construction sequence and detailing.
May 2004 - Jul 2007

Structural Engineer - Concrete Team Lead

Mitsubishi Heavy Industry


O-Mon Thermal Power Plant and Mekong Delta Transmission Network, Tran Nguyen Han Street, Hanoi, The Socialist Republic of Vietnam.

Rabigh Independent Water Steam Power (IWSPP) Project, Rabigh Saudi Arabia - Combined Cycle Power Plant-3-300MW Oil/Gas Fired Thermal Power Plant

Map Ta Phut 2x717MW Coal Fired Power Plant Project in Thailand.

25CC Tuxpan V - 495MW Project, Electricidad Sol de Tuxpan, Mexico.

Pagbilao Coal Fired Power Plant Upgrade, Philippines.

  • Involved in the design team coordination meeting.
  • Involved in the design of gantry, pipe, racks, cooling towers and more...
  • Responsible in carrying out detailed design of auxiliary and ancillary buildings (warehouse, control house, and miscellaneous facilities),
  • Design of non-standard pipe support, equipment foundation, and pipe rack foundation. 
  • Able to provide detailed drawing using AutoCAD.
  • Work closely with section managers and senior engineers to obtain effective and quality outcome of the design works.
  • Responsible in the design and preparation of calculation sheet for various power plant structures.
  • Prepare detailed drawings from preliminary to construction drawing.
  • Provide bill of quantity for procurement purposes.
  • Responsible in responding site queries.

Design and Construction of Blenheim Low 40m Diameter Reservoir

Kupe Power Plant Project, Taranaki

Transpower - HVDC Pole 3 Upgrade

Hunua 4 - Watermain Project

Detailed Design of Security Archive Building Offices

Detailed Design of 2- Storey Brighton Mall, Christchurch

Seismic Assessment for Istanbul Risk Mitigation Emergency and Preparedness Project



Structural Engineer

With experience in industrial project, involved more in designing of post tensioned circular reservoir and pipe supports, equipment foundation design and with power plant, Seismic Assessment and Detailed Seismic Assessment. Experienced in the design of Power Plant Equipment Stand Support using IEEE693.


Jul 1995 - Present

Philippine Institute of Civil Engineering (PICE)

PICE - Philippine Chapter
Jun 2007 - Present

Institution of Professional Engineers (Graduate Membership)

Jul 2010 - Jul 2016

Civil Engineering Licensure Certificate

Philippine Regulatory Commision PRC)