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Degree in Electrical Engineering by the Faculdade de Engenharia São Paulo (FESP) in 1993 With over 20 years of experience in medium and large companies. Specializing in Microsoft platform, specification, installation and implementation of ERP. Deep knowledge in the design, specification, installation and management Datacenter. Always working with designer, coach and manager of IT teams developing human capital to achieve the potential to meet the needs of corporations where he worked. Focused search for best practices and best results, it was used ITIL to meet new demands and mainly reduce total cost of ownership (TCO). Together with business partners and to develop outsourcing to reduce annual costs of the order 15% for printing. Given the global regulatory system implemented access control biometric security together with rules for access to data and corporate environments in a number of efforts between IT and Human Resources Department. Features of enterprise and ability to coach was significant for managing teams of outsourcing, development of systems and commercial teams creating synergy between multidisciplinary teams. Fundamental participation in continuous improvement of standards and procedures established teams that have improved the perception of the client-end IT processes.

Work experience

Jun 2008Nov 2008

Technical Infrastructure Senior Manager

Developed multidisciplinary teams with synergy to the satisfaction of internal customers and raising the level of effectiveness of IT processes around 20%. Updated and expanded outsourcing of reducing printing costs by around 11% per year. Participated and began the process of Outsourcing for Data Center for DRP global project with inclusion of seven countries of the Americas. Participated in the startup of Outsourcing of Telecom and micro-computers for the company's overall strategic alignment. Advised and directed team of Data Center, group of servers (Windows and Unix), desktop team, Database (Oracle and SQL) team. Led design of BCP tool for e-business responsible for 60% sales of the company.
Jul 2007Jun 2008

IT Manager

BT Communications do Brasil Ltda
As an Infrastructure Technology Consultant in key customers enabled the growth and integration of the various IT divisions based on ITIL best practices for the IT governance should be implemented dedicated to the business’ development, improving performance and quality of perception IT before all internal and external customers.
Apr 1998Feb 2007

IT Manager

MSC Mediterranean Shipping do Brasil
Operating in the start-up process of 600-user company has drafted a comprehensive plan for development of 20% pa. Created, trained and led teams of their own IT Help Desk, Information Security and Telecom. Based on ITIL methodology designed and developed an own datacenter that solidified in MPLS network distributed ERP applications, messaging, via IP-VPN solution Citrix / Metaframe. Centralizing and eliminating local costs while ensuring a low operational cost of remote offices and down time for implementing new locations ensuring strategic advantage to business. Combining strategy of developing partnerships implemented VoIP system based on inter-switch through WAN network. Planning has drafted and implemented outsourcing of reducing printing costs by 15% this service and increasing customer satisfaction of internal external around 20%. Responsible for an annual Budget of about $ 4 million, can act directly with HR Dept. the creation of security policies of the corporation and implementation of biometric system for access to ally with a modern fire fighting system and effective system of centralized and break-in generator allowed the drastic reduction of operational risk and confidentiality of the company. In work coordinated with Commercial Dept. Wireless system was implemented increasing performance and increased agility in the closing of new business. Through several trips to the exterior was responsible for strategic alignment with the company's technical Headquarter in Geneva.
Feb 1989Mar 1998


FASTEC Informatica
Developing the company’s client portfolio and service portfolio. Responsible for preparing IT master plans for VIP clients, as well as for the server, workstation and printer update plans. Implementing technical training aimed at preparing the internal structure of VIP clients, reducing server and workstation downtime by roughly 30%.
Apr 1986Jan 1989


Multitask Assitencia Tecnica
Developing and training the technical team responsible for the equipment maintenance of Apple IIC and PC-XT produced by CCE Informática. Responsible for field services and training procedures, as well as replacement parts for CCE customer service outlets in other states.
Apr 1984May 1986

Computer Technician

CCE Ind. Com Comp. Eletr S/A
Developing the customer service department for Apple IIC computers and the auxiliary equipment produced by the company. Responsible for the technical documentation and providing support to retailers and customer service outlets nationwide. Preparing processes, methodology and training for in-house technicians. Together with the Engineering and Production areas, developed a quality improvement program and a burn-in system at the end of the production line.




SLAC - Sociedade Latino Americana de Coaching


FESP - Faculdade de Engenharia São Paulo


ETE Prof. Aprígio Gonzaga