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Emmanouhl Platakis 23 years old

Applying for:Jobs For Fun ?:)

Work experience

Mar 2015Oct 2015

Waiter, Cashier, Server,Kitchen

The Woodman and Olive
  • Displayed enthusiasm and knowledge about the restaurant's menu and products.
  • Routinely supported other areas of the restaurant as requested, including answering telephones and making bookings.
  • Addressed diner complaints with kitchen staff and served replacement menu items promptly.
  • Routinely cleaned work areas, glassware and silverware throughout each shift.
  • Immediately reported accidents, injuries or unsafe work conditions to manager.
  • Developed and maintained positive working relationships with others to reach business goals.
  • Provided friendly and attentive service.
  • Assisted with the cleaning of restaurant,Serving people,Putting orders in the till,also i worked in the bar making drinks,and little bit in the kitchen: dish-washing and packaging food for take-out.
Jun 2013Sep 2013

Cashier in a beach

Working in a beach
  • Greeted customers entering the beach and describe the fee of renting sunbeds and umbrella's.
  • I provided fun with clients while making out transactions.
  • Displayed enthusiasm and passion about this job because i really like it , it was really fun i wish i could do it again and again because working in a beach is so nice.
  • I've also used to cleaning the beach in the morning and night when work finished and putting things back to place.


Learning with practice
Athletic training and sports
Skilled multi-tasker
High energy

Personal Summary

 I am bringing a funny,messy,crazy environment with me and i bet you laugh with me or you won't be able to keep up with me.I am a multitasker,who talks,thinks and care a lot.

 Energetic and focused on making everyone laugh , have a good time with me and enjoying work like is a game.

 I am knowledgeable about computers and software installation(formats) installing antivirus, programs e.t.c,typing quite good , i also was a website designer before a year now i don't remember a thing because i got un-motivated and felt empty while doing it.

 I like to work as a team but sometimes i do feel like working out alone and sometimes i need my space of-course everyone needs that right? The world would called me crazy or a weirdo but i just like to enjoy life and have fun while i am still young because i think there is more tough situations for me to come.

 Conclusion , there would be things that i would not know and you have to teach me, and there would be times that i get discouraged and you have to motivate me by trying to learn a little bit about me.

 You get to know me and i get to know you , and we adjust things whenever something does not fit right and that's how we create proper relationships.With communicating between us and care about each other feelings because no one is perfect.

I had to make a CV because everyone is asking for it ,mine is not special because i am not talking about my skills but is mostly about me but i think that's important too.


Last but not least, i would like to say that i am willing to learn to work,and even if my work history is different from the whole object of this job i am applying to,is because i would like to learn something new, i got bored working in restaurant of-course if there is no luck for me doing something else i might work in a restaurant in order for me to stay to London because that's my dream.

Even if the job i am applying to is located in a different place , i don't mind moving as long as you give me 1 month trial of-course i get paid for that month because i have to pay the bills,rent , and stuff except if you provide me accommodation which is different story and i also want to see if i like working on that specific job,if it's on my preferences and if you like me too.

If you would like to get in touch with me ,please contact me on my email is [email protected]


High School Diploma


Finished as an electrician but i have no idea , i know more about computer that i learned by my own ;p