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Co-author of 2 books and 1 e-book, about 35 publications/papers

Last one:

Co-author of book and e-book (2007): “Hands-On Knowledge Co-Creation and Sharing: Practical Methods and Techniques”, "Co-creation Methodologies to Identify, Select and Maintain Knowledge Value Indicators" (pgg. 197-218), KnowledgeBoard, ISBN: 978-951-6350-0 (Print); 978-951-6351-7 (Electronic), published by Knowledge Board - Stuttgart – Germany (october 2007)


Commercial partnerships (also at international level) in:

- processes innovation: architectures, schemes, representations and tools (also software)

- knowledge management measurement and knowledge management ROI

- 'ad hoc' simple or complex measurement systems (jobs, roles, competencies, values, company culture/identity, etc.)

- 'ad hoc' compensation models and tools [broadbanding matrixes, a) compensation development/career broadbandings, including competencies/know-how progression bandings, b) structural broadgrades/bands, etc.]

- job families crafting and practical utilization (engineering or soft re-engineering models, etc.)


Basic areas of interest to receive engagements are:

  • human resources and organizational architecture (e.g. population layers, job families, classification, projects segmentation, organizational description, etc.)
  • management of innovation (teams, groups, projects, ecc.)
  • change management projects (planning, realizing)
  • knowledge management (company tools and application)
  • managerial education (various IT, HR and innovation arguments)
  • support for strategic planning

Capabilities (technical competencies and skill set) to utilize:

  • Design and realization of architectures and organizational models, systems for organizational analysis
  • Realization of evaluation and development surveys and diagnostic systems for top management (e.g. company culture, visioning, values)
  • Craft and engineering of protocols and systems for human resources evaluation, management and development (i.e. competencies, performance management, job families, organizational climate, managerial styles)
  • Design and realization of compensation systems and models (all remunerations [base salary, etc.], incentives, broadbanding)
  • Realization of knowledge management, change management and organizational innovation projects/programs
  • Performing company processes analysis and audit, governance systems (i.e. activities, headcount dimensioning, Corporate Social Resposibility)
  • Delivery of managerial education design and teaching, facilitation, organizational and professional coaching support to top management for strategic planning

Professional attitudes

  • I add creativity, humor, analytical thinking and consensus building techniques to every management consultancy intervent.

Work experience

Apr 2000Present



Running my own management consultancy firm with a portfolio of 6-8 clients/year on average (some recurring), mostly large multinational/national private companies, also public administration engagements. Normally private engagements contracts (annually or recurring, also for specific short period projects: 2-6 months).

Consulting specialties:

  • job families design and descriptions

  • organizational design and description

  • job evaluation and measurement

  • organizational climate

  • company culture survey and diagnosis (top, executives)

  • management by objectives (all populations) (i.e. balanced scorecard)

  • compensation policies (all populations)

  • broadbanding design and implementation

  • competencies modeling

  • knowledge management policies (crafting, delivering)

  • complex solutions to HR problems (algorythms, paths, etc.)

Time span: more then 8 years experience on the market.

Dec 1988Apr 2000

Senior Director


Hay Management Consultants (1988-2000) – Rome Office (first layer)

Jobs/commitments covered:

Senior Director (last), Practice Leader, Expertise Leader, Senior Consultant, Consultant (progression within company consultancy professional ladder, with acquisition ofcompetencies and references regarding methodologies, practices and protocols’s research/development, commercial and key accounting, management of progressive larger projects and/or complex problems). About 60-70 clients served of various industries.

 Time span: 11 years and 5 months (management consulting industry – area: HR)

Nov 1982Nov 1988

Head of Organizational Unit: Educational Researches and Methodologies


Accountable for these 2 main/large scopes within Consulting and Education Division (second layer):

Managerial Education at Enidata Spa (Eni Group - Oli Company - area: information technology services).

  • Most of the time spent for projecting and delivering IT Management Education and Training Seminars at Eni Business School (ex IAFE - Castelgandolfo - Rome).

Some other innovative activities:

  1. videodisk production in cooperation with various Italian Universities and CUD (Consorzio Universita' a distanza - Rende - Cosenza -1984-1986). Part of these experiences became actual Italian Consorzio Nettuno (Italian distance learning university)
  2. software for CBT/CBL (computer based training/learning), etc.
  3. software applications for various companies based on 'Conversation for action' methodology of Prof. Fernando Flores (California - US)

Time span: 6 years and 1 month experience (information technology industry)

Sep 1980Oct 1982

Ministry Consultant and Italian Delegate at International Bodies (OECD, CEE)

Ministero per il Coordinamento della Ricerca Scientifica e Tecnologica

In Staff to Minister without Portfolio (Prime Minister Cabinet) (second layer) at:

  • Energy Office for energy planning and modeling
  • International Relations Office for technological affairs (software industry)

Participation in producing parts of PNRE (National Plan for Energetic Research) with other Academic Professors, Universities and Industries.

Coordination of activites for PFE2 of CNR (Energetic Finalized Project 2 of National Research Council).

Frequent international activities for OECD (Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development) and IEA (International Energy Agency).

Permanent working parties participations (1980-1984):

"Environment issues" and "Software industry" issues (OECD - DSTI - Directorate for Science, Technology and Industry) (Paris).

CEE working groups (DG XIII - european energy data bases), representing Italian Government at respectives decision tables and conferences (Luxembourg).

Time span: 2 years and 2 months experience (technical consultant for Ministry)

Apr 1978Aug 1980

Software Modelist, Sw Systemist and Analyst


Flat Company professional structure organized for projects and teams, working mainly for Eni Group.

Many cooperations with Academic professors, Universities and Public Bodies.

Working for producing DSS (Decision Support Systems) software applications (second layer within Teams).

Publication about the sw packages and applications by Franco Angeli - 1982: "MDS-Modelli per le decisioni strategiche aziendali".

The sw applications were based on "industrial dynamics methodology" by MIT USA (Jay Forrester).

Modelings representing financial/ecomonic, production, market environments.

job covered: Software Modelist (last), Systemist and Analyst (first) (second layer)

Time span: 2 years and 5 months experience (sw industry)



May 1977Aug 1977

no degree - grant by British Council

Brunel University

Activities: Grant and scholarship by British Council to study at System Research Ltd (owned by Prof. Gordon Pask) (Richmond - Surrey) and Brunel University - UK

Specialization: Cybemetics and social-cognitive-organizational applications

Research themes developed:

  1. The influence of learning strategy and performance strategy upon engineering design (grant USAF F44620);
  2. Representation of knowledge and cognitive mechanisms involved in other than istitutional learning (e.g. professional and educational fields) (progress report SSRC Research programme HR2708/2);
  3. Observable behaviours in learning for decision making in complex systems (grant ARI DAERO 76-G-069).

Other work themes, developed in cooperation with Prof. Gordon Pask:- programs for simulations of decisional structures;- study and analysis of organization morphologies and properties;- analysis and axiomatics of "Fuzzy Sets Theory" (Zadeh).

Time span: 3 months experience (cybernetic research and development)

Oct 1970Nov 1975

Mathematics (4 years)

Universita' "La Sapienza"

Degree in Mathematics, Thesis on Behavioural Cybernetics - title: "Cybernetics and Learning" (november 1975)


democratic voting (for converging company decisions)
analytical thinking


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CMC - Certified Management Consultant

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