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Work experience


Operations Project Manager/program Manager, Ally

Operations Project Manager/Program Manager, contracted by KForce) & 7/2011 to present Led in source and outsource technical teams in the planning and execution of enterprise wide UNIX infrastructure server maintenance and compliance remediation efforts for fleet 2, 300 physical and virtual servers; created the process and continued to refine and improve it; reduced cycle time from 6 months or more to 3 months; used my relation database skills to cleanse, filter, identify incorrect Configuration information and assist and encourage it's correction; negotiated outage windows for the needed maintenance with impacted business teams while improving relationships; ServiceNow change management change request creation and execution, led change conference calls, and responsible for the tactical decisions for these efforts. In prior assignments led significant infrastructure and information security projects($1M-$2M) deploying new technologies into mature infrastructure environment using Ally Financials' derivative of the SDP methodology in an out sourced support model. Drove and coordinated forward progress of these projects establishing strong positive relationships with the technical teams and project stakeholders while doing so.

Senior Consultant

Senior Consultant/Sole Proprietor,, Troy, Michigan Provide IT support and services including network and infrastructure configuration, maintenance, system upgrade, migrations, and web site development for small and medium businesses. Customers Include

Director of Development and Support, Copper

Director of Development and Support, COPPER RANGE, Troy, Michigan Supported 24/7 operation for 5 RedHat RHEL Linux server system, Internet security, real-time wireless and cellular network web applications; developed stored procedures and JSP server pages templates which enhanced web pages.

Project Manager, Eds, Gm

Project Manager, EDS, GM MANUFACTURING AND QUALITY TEAM(contracted by Vision IT) Spearheaded project and successfully updated entire network infrastructure equipment at GM European plants.

Manager, Information Technology, Independent Consultant

Northland Resources, Munk's Motors2007-2008
Manager, Information Technology, INDEPENDENT CONSULTANT Designed and implemented Business Technology Plan, supported websites and service/network infrastructure.

Project Manager

Project Manager, Michigan2006-2007 Contracted by Advanced Technology Services Managed deployment of $25 million of equipment in North American stamping and assembly plants and follow on project for North American power train plants.

NT Sunset
retirement of NT server installations).

Senior Software Engineer, D

Senior Software Engineer,, Madison Heights, Michigan2002-2006 Gathered requirements, designed, developed, tested and documented Linux-based touch screen plant floor control system which innovated hot running injection molding Led and managed Linux kernel driver development effort for a Controller Area Network PCI card: Erik Ohrnberger, IT ProfessionalPage 3


Information Technologies
Director, OXFORD AUTOMOTIVE Exercised overall management responsibility for global infrastructure, governance for Information Technology operations at all U.S. and global operations, including telecommunications, global data network, desktop, laptops and servers, email, web based collaboration, and corporate HQ help desk. Establish technical, procedural and policy standards and provided direction for implementation across the Global Wide Area Network. Applied expertise guiding projects from conception through development process to assure optimum performance. Handled all staffing functions for IT operations personnel including supervision, scheduling, development, and evaluation. Developed and maintained productive relationships with hardware, software, physical infrastructure and telecommunications vendors. Established and maintained a collaborative relationship with stakeholders to define infrastructure and governance requirements. Developed business case justifications and cost /benefit analyses for IT projects and initiatives. Established the technical, procedural and policy standards for end-user computing and end-user network services. Collaborated with peer management/leaders for business process efficiencies and optimizations. Guided IT department through transition and growth period, restaffed team and improved service to the organization. Managed migration of 30 manufacturing sites to a consistent infrastructure and single WAN, providing significant cost savings. Negotiated new global data network contract with annual savings of $290,000. Established global corporate governance of technical, procedural and policy standards for the IT department, including worldwide disaster-recovery action plan and systems capacity management and trending Guided projects from conception through development and oversaw all staffing functions for IT operations personnel. Established and maintained a collaborative relationship with stakeholders to define infrastructure and governance requirements. Managed global infrastructure governance for Information Technology operations at all U.S. and global operations, including telecommunications; global data network; desktop; laptops and servers; email; web based collaboration; and corporate HQ help desk. Migration, Conversion, Rollout, and Infrastructure Management Experience Rolled out revised global desktop/laptop software load, reducing help-desk call volumes from one per day to one per week, resulting in good end-user/IT relationship. Led the project management effort to migrate 17 manufacturing sites from seven diverse windows domains, server and Microsoft Exchange implementations to newly developed single-domain implementation standards, significantly reducing administration costs and increasing reliability.



Walsh College


Hope College

Oakland University


Changing Corporate Culture

Oakland University

C++ Fundamentals

EPCOM Educational Services

Advanced C++ Programming

EPCOM Educational Services

Accountability & Self Empowerment

Oakland University



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A leadership role where I can leverage my innate leadership and communication skills as well as my deep and broad technical knowledge to lead an Information Technologies staff in the support of business imperatives and objectives in a technically sound and cost conscious manner.

I also wish to connect with small and medium business that wish to improve their Information Technologies operations and performance, leveraging my 22 years of IT experience and technical knowledge to provide these businesses fortune 500 level of IT support at small / medium business expenditures.


Multilingual, culturally adept, flexible and adaptable Information Technology professional with proven success in global IT leadership. Expertise in risk mitigation and issue resolution; team building; leading people; optimization of IT deliverables in a cost-conscious manner; development of standards, policies, and procedures; and development of infrastructure disaster-recovery action plans. Ability to effectively present technical concepts and bridge communications between IT and non-IT professionals.• Proactive leadership and management• Failing IT department transformation• Effective communications bridge between IT and non-IT professionals• Global infrastructure operations and management• Business case justifications with cost / benefit analyses• Initiated and completed successful cost savings opportunities• IT governance• Stakeholder collaboration• Improved IT service delivery• Collaborate with peer management• International project leadership• Productive vendor relationships• C-Level support and collaboration• Disaster-recovery action plans


Driving my Porsche 944-S2 on the Waterford Road Racing track during Porsche club Drivers Education Events.

Core Beliefs

IT technologies are in support of the business, it is not a business on it's own. The rest of the organization is IT's customer, and need to be treated as such. IT systems should never be the limiting factor in business, it should enable business. IT systems need to be available, reliable and secure in support of their businesses. Business information Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability need to be maintained at all times.

Business relationships need to be based on mutual benefit. Any other relationship is exploitation and will not last very long.

Key Capabilities

  • I can represent the client's best interests during any project and bring that project into completion in a timely manner, interfacing and bringing disparate vendors onboard and committed to the effort to achieve completion.
  • I can map out a high level plan from the 'as is' technical and business process environment to the 'need to be' future, and make the best and most economical use of technology to traverse the path in between all in support of high level business needs and objectives.
  • I can inventory the Windows machines, and aggregate the software licenses installation key codes, which they need to be, as they are a business asset.
  • I know how to leverage the best that technology has to afford and leverage them to business advantage.
  • I can evaluate the current broadband and LAN environments and services and plan and execute an performance and reliability improvement objectives, which includes Internet domain, email, static presence web site.
  • I can evaluate business processes and use technologies capabilities to support the process improvement, playing to the strength of technologies.
  • I can lead a team of technical people in supporting business objectives, creating buy-in and their support.
  • I can re-address a network to be compliant with a consistent and sound addressing design, as well as redesigning a physical network to achieve the same ends.
  • I can write policy, procedures, and standards (IT Governance) for IT efforts so that they are all mutually supporting, in the best interests of the customer, as well as being cost efficient and cost effective.
  • I can build out laptops, workstations, and servers (Windows or Linux), apply automation to these tasks, and can configure consumer networking equipment (routers,wireless routers, print servers, etc.) with an eye to reliability, security, consistency and ease of use for the end user.
  • I can keep a positive attitude in spite of conflict, barriers, or a negative environment empowering an entire team with a 'can do' attitude.
  • I can prioritize my or my team's tasks, to achieve the greatest business benefit, and I can communicate this decision making process with stakeholders in a non-threatening manner.
  • I can diagnose many Window, Linux and network related ills, mis-configurations, and issues, and correct them.