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Sandeep Banyal

Enterprise Marketing Architect with 10 yrs of Experience

Work History

2008till date

Summary of Work Experience

  • Sandeep Banyal is Enterprise Marketing Architect with TCS Interactive, specialising in EMM technology enablement, Digital Marketing, Marketing Resource Management, Campaign Managemen, Content Management System
  • Sandeep has  10 years’ experience delivering Sales & Marketing solutions, service & marketing environment. While at TCS, he has worked exclusively with Retail, E-commerce, Hi-Tech, TTH clients
  • Sandeep has performed Adobe Marketing cloud architect for SAS – Airlines and helped the customer with digital marketing transformation from traditional recommendation ecosystem to Personalized communication across multiple digital platforms
  • He was the Architect of setting up the E-commerce system for TataCliq, setting integrated solution where campaign platform interacted with on-premise as well as on cloud application using Adobe Campaign as offer engine
  • Sandeep has delivered end to end Digital Marketing Transformation solutions to customers in the Cloud, Hybrid and on-premise setup
  • Prior to working with TCS, Sandeep was working with Deloitte Consulting and provide consulting solutions to customers in the marketing domain
  • Sandeep is a Masters in Computer science from Kurukeshtra university
Nov 2012Till Date

Enterprise Marketing Architect

Tata Consultancy Services


  • Provided a holistic and robust E-commerce  Platform which helped the customers to improve there interaction experience and operational efficiencies 


  • set up the Marketing operations framework as part of Retail Transformation Program (RTP) for the detailed level drilled down to the track and manage marketing initiatives across multi-channels and multi-portfolios to enable accurate forecasting and measure the actuals.

Travel, Transport & Hospitality

  • Digital Marketing Transformation solution was provided to manage the complete loyalty program for Airline Giant, deployed the data-driven marketing ecosystem and associated functionality, which provided the ability to create, execute, track and monitor cross-channel marketing campaigns.

Banking & Finance

  • set up a Digital Asset Management system for client in banking domain by centralizing the asset creation and management, which simplifies the creation of campaigns and marketing initiatives, easy to track the asset, different versions, modification w.r.t. user and documents result in reducing campaign set-up time and manual/ad-hoc processes.


  • set up an automated sales validation system which ensures the business users w.r.t different roles in the organization has access to the common platform. Business users can capture their sale in the system and get it validated or approved within the same period in order to ensure timely payout.
Jun 2011Nov 2012

Enterprise Marketing Management Consultant

Deloitte & Touche LLP

Worked with sales & marketing business development group of Deloitte. Primarily worked for the marketing automation of ongoing manual dis-integrated system and provided strategic solutions in the areas which includes

  • Event marketing - automated bi- annual event
  • Sales & incentive management - established framework for sales validation
  • Content management
  • KPI metrics in the sales & marketing areas - post campaign analysis
Dec 2010Jun 2011

Enterprise Marketing Management Consultant

Infosys Ltd.

worked as EMM consultant and provided spend management solution to retail giant from US region which includes:

  • Channelization of budgeting and forecasting
  • Spend management - capturing the Purchase orders, validating the order, managing invoices
  • Identification of KPI's and generation of  reports & dashboards 
Jul 2008Nov 2010

Enterprise Marketing Management Consultant

Syntel Ltd.

worked closely with BDM's and FSD's  for the effective implementation of business solution for the alignment of sales & marketing operations.

  • worked towards the synchronization of global and local campaigns
  • worked for the automation of ongoing manual system
  • integration of dis-integrated systems to maximize marketing efficiency 

Technical Skills

Adobe Marketing Cloud - Campaign, Target, AAM & AN

platform setup,system configuration, interaction management, API integration, technical & targeted workflow, data management,system integration & implementation, offer management, multiple channels

Teradata Marketing Operations

system configuration, deployment, administration, workflow management, financial management, digital asset management and data Mart

Teradata Customer Interaction Manager (CIM)

system configuration, deployment, campaign analysis, design and implementation,segmentation,  multi-dimensional reporting 

Salesforce - CRM

system configuration, customer resource management, design and Implementation,segmentation,  multi-dimensional reporting 

SQL, HTML,XML & Javascript

creation, updation and manipulation of data, creating web pages and XML calls while rendering data over web

Customer Case Study - SAS Airlines

  • Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) improves customer user experience across multiple communication channels through omnichannel campaigns.

    Within the scope of digital transformation program at SAS, it aimed to develop and implement a revised CRM strategy aligned with SAS’ business strategy
    The new go-to-market strategy is based on three principles - digitalization, service excellence and brand experience.
    1. Digitalization will support increased sales and customer experience by driving digital touch point enhancement, personalization, CRM, self-service and automation
    2. The focus on Service excellence aimed at better answering up to SAS promise of making customers’ lives easier.
    3. The focus on brand experience was to ensure delivering everything they do the SAS way. Make sure the customers (and their friends and family) feel they are travelling with SAS.
    A key fundament for the go-to-market strategy is a new, interactive CRM platform based on customer insights.

    The key challenges faced by the customer were
    a) Fragmented channels - harder to reach customers
    b) Information overload
    c) The decision to buy is closer to the transaction (less planning)

    The solution to the above challenges required omnichannel approach and personalization, which enables -
    a) Reach customers in relevant touchpoints
    b) Reach customer in a relevant context
    c) Relevant message for the customer
    d) Multiple communication channels

    The business returns being -
    a) Increased sales
    b) Increased on-boarding
    c) Increased customer satisfaction
    d) Increased engagement

    The digital marketing transformation solution led SAS to transform customer experience -
    1. From Silo-based to Omni-channel communication
    2. From one-to-many to one-to-one communication
    3. Generic offers to personalized offers
    4. From communication only to loyalty members to communicate to all
    5. Limited data availability to dedicated customer data warehouse

    Adobe components and solutions –

    Adobe Campaign

    a) Adobe Campaign provides a real-time interface for channel offer request. It also provides relevant, personalised communication to customers based on customer insight, campaigns and business rules. Offers are on an individual basis than on a per segment/customer type.
    b) Adobe Campaign communicates to customers through digital channels, including SMS and email
    c) A web client (“customer look-up”) is used so that non-CRM users can access offers in all physical channels (e.g. customer service)
    d) Base data will be provided to Adobe Campaign from Customer Data Warehouse through flat file batch-oriented jobs to ensure data consistency and avoid de-synchronization.
    e) Operational/transactional events are sent to Adobe Campaign Message Center from operational systems using a pub/subpatterns.
    f) Adobe Campaign provides campaign statistics to Customer Data Warehouse for analytical purposes through batch transfers
    g) The Adobe suite uses native integration patterns

    Adobe Target
    a) At SAS, Adobe Target is utilized to personalize content for non-identified users based on their different search behaviours.
    b) Adobe Target provides personalization for audiences and also A/B testing and multivariate testing on different SAS websites/domains for identified customers received via Adobe Audience Manager as the shared audience.
    c) Key campaigns driven from Adobe Target at SAS are - Abandoned basket, Type of Leisure, Business Search campaign, etc. The search patterns are captured and displayed on subsequent visits by the customer on the website.
    d) Strategic control group are driven via Adobe Target to either display personalized or generic content and measure the campaign effectiveness.
    Adobe Audience Manager
    a) Adobe Audience with Adobe Analytics provides personalisation to non-identified customers using digital channels. The profiling engine identifies customer profiles, performs look-alike modelling and provides appropriate personalisation to SAS website and, where feasible, other channels/platforms. These will create audiences that can be used cross channels
    b) The audiences from Adobe Audience Manager are used in SAS in-house channels (email, website) and to target omni-channel campaigns on external media platforms as well. For example, Type of Leisure campaign targets customers on SAS website through Adobe Target and on external media platforms (Facebook, Google) where response metrics are also received and analysed for campaign performance.

    Adobe Analytics
    a) Adobe Analytics captures the data from dynamic tag manager which further draws data points from Google tag manager.
    b) Adobe Analytics captures the 360 degree response from different communication channels
    c) Triggers have been setup on Adobe Analytics to perform real time event campaigns or communications via Adobe Campaign.


May 2005Jul 2008

Masters in Computer Application

Kurukshetra University member of commonwealth universities
Jun 2002Jun 2005

Bachelors in Computer Application

Himachal Pradesh University

Work Permit (VISA)

Sweden (Feb 2019)

Ireland(Business Visa)

UK (Business Visa)