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Dr. Marium Asif

General Physician

Work experience

May 2013Apr 2014

House Officer

Civil Hospital Karachi
  1. My one year house Job training included:
    • GENERAL MEDICINE ( 3 months),
    • GENEARL SURGERY (3 months),        
    • THORASIC SURGERY (3 months),   
    • NEUROLOGY (3 months
  1. During house job examined more than 50 patients per day with various medical instruments and equipment.
  2. Emergencies management and patients’ stabilization
  3. Patients’ receive on emergencies either directly or from various departments, initiating investigation and treatment in consultation with the consultants
  4. Patients’ management in the CCU and wards by administering medical cover and immediate first line resuscitation
  5. Carefully analyzed test results and information gathered during examinations to properly diagnose illnesses and diseases.
  6. Regularly referred patients to medical specialists or other practitioners for more specialized courses of treatment.
  7. Closely examined patients’ medical history, medication allergies, physical condition and test results to verify necessity of operations and to determine proper procedures.
  8. Thoroughly assessed patients to determine medical condition and risks.
  9. Patiently explained prescribed procedures and discussed test results with patients and their families.
  10. Exhibited expert knowledge of policies, procedures, ethical standards and laws regarding the delivery of medical care.
  11. Strictly maintained the confidentiality of patients, families, colleagues and any sensitive situations.
  12. Improved performance at the organizational, departmental and individual levels.
  13. Discussed various treatment options extensively with patients and families.
  14. Rapidly assessed and responded to medical emergencies.
  15. Maintained accurate medical records and documented patient case history in detail.
Dec 2013Dec 2013

House Officer (Medical ICU Rotational Training)

Civil Hospital Karachi

During ROTATIONAL TRAINING in Medical ICU at Civil Hospital Karachi I learned

  • Effective communication with patients, their families, and professional associates
  • How to perform an appropriate history and physical exam
  • How to develop an appropriate differential diagnosis and treatment plan
  • Learned appropriate clinical decision making skills
  • Learned the pathophysiology of respiratory failure, shock, and cardiac arrest.
  • Learned the principles of hemodynamic monitoring and ventilator management
  • Learned the basic resources available for the care of the ICU patient
  • Learned the appropriate information resources (i.e., textbooks, handbooks, online resources, etc.) available for care of patient.


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