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Currently a third year at the University of California, San Diego, I am majoring in Management Science and hope to pursue a career in marketing. I am also taking classes in psychology which help me better understand the consumer so I can more effectively tailor marketing campaigns. By being able to utilize both business and science, beneficial aspects from both fields can be brought together to create better strategies.

In my co-ed business fraternity, Alpha Kappa Psi, I pledged during the spring of 2008, as part of the Alpha Omicron pledge class. Taking an active role in the Professional Committee, I oversaw many of the events that our pledge class participated in. In addition, I contributed to the other committees with my expertise to ensure that all of our events were successful. Upon crossing, I took the position of Warden, and am in charge of attendance and voting issues.

Work experience

Jul 2008Sep 2008

IT Intern

ZyXEL Communications, Inc.

•    Documented and analyzed the business flow and ERP system for the company•    Coordinated with other departments to collect all relevant information•    Worked extensively with the Great Plains database•    Presented project to upper management for ways to improve efficiency

Jul 2007Sep 2007

Marketing Assistant

ZyXEL Communications, Inc.

•    Prepared monthly newsletters for over 10,000 customers nationwide•    Created a consistent product number system for 250 individual products•    Contacted and e-mailed 10 specific customers to establish rapport•    Coordinated personnel and limited materials for trade shows and expositions nationwide•    Updated product datasheets to inform customers of changes in manufacturing and production•    Helped design advertisements for distribution in 5 nationally acclaimed magazines

Jun 2006Nov 2006

Marketing Assistant

•    Led the Marketing department for a week to ensure operations continued smoothly•    Gathered information about 4 major competitors to develop viable business strategies•    Worked with JDE database and reorganized over 3,000 products into logical categories•    Organized the company’s traveling agenda for an exposition in Las Vegas and saved 25% in traveling and accommodations expenses

Jun 2005Aug 2005

Manager's Assistant

•    Translated Chinese instruction manuals to appeal to a more global audience•    Created a video instructional manual for a laser surgical device used by cosmetic surgeons•    Interacted with potential customers at an exposition to promote sales