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I would like to work with people in a challenging environment where hard work will create opportunity and responsibility.


Growing up in America, I have always been interested in Far East Asian cultures. Although I have lived my life in Florida I have had opportunities to travel out of the country. I have been in England and Taiwan, Peru and Japan. I have always dreamed of going to Korea. My grandfather fought in the Korean War. My father was an exchange student many years ago in Busan University. After more than thirty years, there is still kimchi in the refrigerator at home.

I have a friend in Uijeonbu teaching English to elementary students. She has a very detailed blog so I know what I am getting into. I am still very interested in going to Korea. I would love to learn the Korean language. As a gateway between Japan and China, Korea shares a great history and is a source of much culture.

Moveable metal type and mirrors and swords and turtle ships; Korea is world famous for its innovation. Many people say that the Japanese building styles come from Korea. The samurai sword was invented in Korea. Even today Korea is proving a very important country if only for its geography. In fact, my Hyundai car comes from Korea. But it is the people who have really made a place in the world for Korea.

Both my parents love to read and have helped educate me from an early age. I have been literate from a young age. I still read all that I can and consider myself above average. Although I don’t have much teaching experience, I believe I can spread the word that is American English.

My last job was in management and I was always teaching someone. Both customers and employees often require patience and clear simple instructions. I look forward to sharing my native language and American culture with Korean people. 


Work experience

Apr 2007Jun 2009



Responsibilities:  Include opening and closing the store, working and managing the pharmacy, photo and cosmetics. Managing store inventory, merchandising and overseeing store finances and budget. Centering on customer service, decision making, problem solving, flexibility, planning, prioritizing and goal setting.


  • Bookkeeping, accounting, cash handling
  • Customer Service, Loss prevention: theft
  • Manager store functions
    • Inventory : Ordering, Receiving, Revisions and Rests, On hand Maintenance, Claims
    • Merchandising
  • Meet deadlines by adjusting workload and managing fellow employees
  • Taught new employees and managers in training
Sep 2004Feb 2006

Team Leader

Circuit City

Responsibilities:  Running the register, maintaining store signage and displays, and provide friendly, courteous and efficient service to customers.


  • Customer service both on the floor and phone
  • Product recommendation
  • Trained 2005 seasonal Merchandiser staff