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Educational Philosophy

I believe that the purpose of education is to help students become productive members of society when they begin to work, get in to college, and have the skills to succeed in college, and broaden their knowledge of world events and information. Sometimes our education system does not always meet these requirements but I feel it is the job of the teacher to try their hardest to encourage students to be the best they can be. Many times a student does not know the potential they are capable of and that often leads to their lack of motivation. The education system should be there to support the student. All students can learn but not on the same day, the same way, or at the same rate. The education system should not only allow students to take the core subjects but allow them to be introduced to new classes that might open their minds to different career paths or college majors. A real life example that supports this is that students should be shown how their core subjects are relevant to what they will experience or may be experiencing in the world right now. This is the most important thing that the education system can do, connecting to students’ lives and showing the value in what they are learning. There is value in all that we do but sometimes students do not always see it right away.

Within the content areas the teacher’s role should be to not only plan and instruct but to create a positive learning environment. This is important because this can help encourage students to learn. Teachers need to show students they believe in them and want their students to work hard. Teachers should try to differentiate instruction as much as possible for their students so that they are trying to meet the needs of all students as much as they can. This doesn’t mean they must have five different lessons for one class period but a teacher can use different strategies to teach the same thing throughout the week so that all of your students will be able to understand the concept or topic at hand.

The role of the student within the content areas should be trying their hardest to learn. They should seek out assistance if they are struggling instead of giving up or allowing their grade to suffer because they don’t understand. Most teachers are happy to assist students with extra help if they are asked. It can be hard for students to find a way to intrinsically motivate themselves to do work or care about a subject that seems boring. Students should not be afraid to ask teachers why they need to learn this, or what the value is in a specific assignment. The role of the parent coincides with both the teacher and the student role. The parent’s role within the education system is that they should try to be involved in their student’s school life. This means they should make contact with the teacher or return calls or emails from the teacher when they receive them. This is a way to open communication so that if the parent has a problem they wish to discuss with the teacher they have a way to do this and vice versa. Parents and teachers need to be a team in order to help all students succeed.

The role of the community can also really help bridge the gap between schools and the surrounding community. The community should try to embrace the students and the school districts. Many times schools have career days where they ask local businesses or local entrepreneurs to come in and speak to students or set up a booth for students to walk around and visit. Community businesses should take advantage of this because in doing this they really show students that they are interested in their learning and in their futures.The community can really make an effort in helping students to complete volunteer hours for projects, participate in local government meetings, and participate in mock interviews that some students do for projects as they get closer to graduating high school. This can encourage students to work hard in school if they find something they are interested in and give them some intrinsic motivation as well as extrinsic motivation.

The construction of learning in my classroom would be very structured and my students would always be learning. I think it’s important to over plan and have a routine for the beginning of class that gets students right into the flow of your classroom every day, the same way. It can be hard for students who switch classes every 40 minutes to switch their minds to a different subject every 40 minutes as well, so some sort of bell ringer activity or journaling entry is a good way to help students make that transition from class to class. It’s also important to incorporate technology into the classroom to better engage students and to provide them with new ways to learn. Technology can really assist students in many ways and it’s important to use it when it’s appropriate in the lesson.

I believe that the education I have received has qualified me to teach others and encourage them to continue their education as well. I have a lot to offer students during learning time and as someone who they can connect with and ask for help. I have experiences that I can share with students and use when I am planning lessons for class. I believe this all helps add a little something extra to a teacher’s classroom and environment. It is these extra little things that teachers do that make students want to learn and seek you out for assistance. I believe that teaching is a way to bring together my own education and the next generations’ education and combine the two so that we both are successful in life.

Courses Taught

Substitute Teacher(March 2014-Present): Taught mostly English, ESL, Special Education classes at the middle school and high school level.

AVID Tutor (January 2013-May 2013): Assisted small groups of students in multiple content areas; facilitated collaborated peer tutoring in grades 6-8. 


Emily Johns


Assistive Technology
Using tablets such as an Ipad and apps to help students learn better in an Academic Support classroom setting. These include writing apps, dictation apps, and e-reader apps.
Website Design
Creating websites using Yahoo Site Builder and producing them for school projects.
Word Processing
Proficient in Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and Movie Maker. Type 60 WPM on average.

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English grades 5-6 extension

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