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KSA Approvals

1- ARAMCO - Approved QA/QC Manager.

2- MA'ADEN/FLUOR - Approved QA/QC Manager.

3- Royal Commission (For Jubail & Yanbu) - Approved QA/QC Engr.

4- SABIC - Approved QA/QC Engr.



QA/QC Manager (Civil)

Overall 10 Years of Experience 

I am a Professional QA/QC Manager having 10 Years overall Work Experience, Looking For a Challenging position In a Progressive Environment of some reputable organization where I can best utilize my Knowledge and attain some Experience.

Jan 2016Present

QA/QC Manager (Civil)

EPC/Main Contractor: BECK Interiors


PROJECT:   King Abdul Aziz Center for World Culture - KACWC

  • Managing QA/QC activities to maintain and improve quality of work without any appreciable increase in cost and time.
  • Either giving instructions to Sub-contractors or convincing the client throughout inspections activities.
  • Attend meetings with consultant and client for closure of NCR, PA & CA.
  • Keeps good awareness in codes and specifications so that manage the event successfully during inspections activities.
  • Review material certification for project material to ensure it meets specification and check that it corresponds to actual material supplied
  • Witnessing welder test and giving instructions to contractor to prepare the welder ID card and certificates
  • To ensure that all activities concerning welding and painting are carried out with written or agreed practices or specifications
  • Monitoring all QA/QC activities as per approved SAIP, SAIC, SATIP & SAES
  • Surveillance inspection of welding equipment, materials, filler wire, electrode backing and drying ovens and its calibration
  • Conduct any quality control investigations as deemed necessary or as requested by the Project Team Leader of the QA/QC Coordinator
  • Monitoring the daily contractor inspection activities that meets the product quality requirements of the project quality plan
  • Monitoring and inspection of underground piping PVC, GRP and HDPE as per manufacturing and project specification
  • Check & verify cold Alignment of Stationary (Drum, Storage tank), Rotary (Compressor, Generator) & Steel structure
  • Good awareness in NDE methods. 
  • To compare all reported information with the acceptance level / criteria within the applicable codes
  • Witnessing all the testing activities and signed off the documents.
  • Review completed project documentation as considered final dossier for Operation team
Jan 2015Dec 2015

QA/QC Manager (Civil)

EPC: China Huanqiu Contracting & Engineering Corp. (HQCEC)


PROJECT:   Umm Wu'al Phosphate Project (14-KB-004)

  • Coordination with QA/QC manager for preparation of project quality plan (PQP) and ITP (Inspection & Test Plan).
  • Thoroughly review ASTM, ACI, JERS, Sadara & Saudi Aramco standards.
  •  Develop and maintain a schedule Electronic surveillance QC, to determine the status of inspection activities and the preparation of reports and serve as a focal point for inspection requests
  • Submission of daily & weekly QA/QC reports to consultant and client.
  • Takes an active part of the issuance of the 'final dossier' documentation for the inspection and test relate documents.
  • Weekly meetings with consultant & client for quality related issues.
  • Coordination with third party or independent laboratory for all kind of testing at project site and follow up with them for test results so the results can be submitted in timely manner to the consultant and client.
  • Work with the construction team to ensure a smooth transition from construction to commissioning of all systems within my area of expertise.
  • Engage with the company's experts to ensure the adoption of best practices and the transfer of lessons learned from the projects. To make recommendations to improve quality. 
  • Attend meetings with consultant and client for closure of NCR’s.
  • Coordination with consultant and architectures.
  • Weekly meetings with consultant & client for quality related issues.
  • Coordination with third party or independent laboratory for all kind of testing at project site and follow up with them for test results so the results can be submitted in timely manner to the consultant and client.
May 2011Dec 2014

Sr. QA/QC Civil Engineer

EPC: SINOPEC Corp. (Shengli Engg Const).

PMC/PMT:      Royal Commission (For Jubail and Yanbu)

PROJECT:   Linking Industrial Area to JCP (092-C43)

  • Implement the Project Quality Plan, Quality Control Procedures, and ITPs in Coordination with Site Manager and QA/QC Departments.
  • Ensure that all inspections and tests are carried out as indicated on the appropriate Inspection & Test Plan (ITP).
  • Ensure that all Inspection Requests are submitted as required and liaise with Consultant RE staff regarding timings of such inspections.
  • Review corrective actions recommended in non-conformance reports (NCR).
  • Review the Subcontractor Quality and Safety Plans for site work activities.
  • Preparation of Monthly & Weekly Report to Client/Consultant.
  • Implementing waste management system effectively in the site.
  • Preparation and up keeping of HSE related documents.
  • Conduct daily routine site visits.
  • Co-ordinate with the Site / Independent Testing Laboratory / Third Party Inspection and project Construction in conducting tests document and submit them for Consultant’s approval.
Feb 2010Apr 2011

QA/QC Civil Engineer

Company: SINOPEC International.

CLIENT:      Royal Commission (For Jubail and Yanbu)

PROJECT:   P & C OF TS-3 Phase-I (092-C41)

  • Supervise all QC inspectors and involve in Inspection activities as required for effective quality control of project activities.
  • Ensure that all work comply with all safety and standing instructions.
  • Reporting to Senior QA / QC Manager / Project Manager.
  • Checking that inspection and testing reports received from independent laboratory and material supply are complete review and submitted for approval.
  • Attending project QA/QC Meeting and other Meeting with Client to resolve all issue related to Quality and to meet the project requirements.
  • Ensuring that only calibrated Equipment / Instruments are used on the project and proper calibration records are maintained.
  • Freedom to issue NCR, verify implementation of corrective action and prevent use of non-conforming items until the deficiency has been satisfactory resolved.
  • QA/QC Coordination and Implementation, prepare methodology preventive measures and remedial action in response to client representative of Royal Commission.
  • Coordinate with client representative for inspection and test coverage and obtain necessary approval.
Mar 2008Jan 2010

QA/QC Civil Engineer



PROJECT:   Hadeed (Saudi Iron and Steel Co.) Steel Plant.

  • Responsible for actual Site Progress Works, Reports and Review of inspection and test records by quality procedures.
  • Cooperates for general Survey Works.
  • Coordination in Safety Measurement through the review of Client Company to company Safety Department.
  • Responsible for the maintenance and update of databases in Microsoft Excel project and access.
  • Report any non-compliance using standards to QC Manager and assist in developing corrective actions.
  • Monitor that each construction team implements the desired quality system on site.
  • Maintain construction & QC records specified by inspections, test plans and contract documents.
  • Prepare daily work progress & other site and audit reports.
  • Attend routine meetings & coordinate with proponents for rectifying all quality assurance onsite problems.
Mar 2007Jan 2008

QA/QC Civil Engineer

EPC: Area Construction Ltd. (Turkish)

PMC/PMT:      Bahria Town Islamabad

PROJECT:   Bahria Town Phase - VII

  • Leading a QA/QC Inspection Team in all over the accordance
  • Jointly Inspection of Testing of All type of Construction Materials For Quality Assurance according to Project Specification
  • Leading Project Execution Inspection Team
  • Co-ordination with Project Management Team, Sr. QA/QC Management Team, and conduct Quality Control Audits with Client's Representatives with in all Related Qualities issues.
  • Implement the QA/QC management system at site
  • Verify of CMD (Concrete Mix Designs), JMF (Job Mix Formula) According to Project/International Specifications, (ASTM, BSS, AASHTO, ACI, Asphalt Institute)
  • Jointly Inspections of All Relevant Quality Tests with in Quality Envelops.
  • Coordinate with quality inspections with all the site sub contractors and vendors coordinate all non destructive testing on site
  • Coordinate with the customers representative on all quality matters
  • Coordinate all receipt inspections
  • Distribute relevant QA/QC documentation to site subcontractors
  • Verify that the quality related site activities are in accordance with the applicable codes and standards
  • Participate in the site internal and external site audits
  • Coordinate all the quality site inspections through the site QC inspectors
  • Ensure all quality control documentation is complied and competed for as-built hand over through the QC turn over engineer
  • Control all non conformance reports and undertake remedial action
  • Compete site quality control instructions and action remedial responses
  • Review the customers specification and undertake relevant training to the site QC inspector.
Jan 2005Dec 2006

Field Civil Engineer (Apprenticeship)

EPC: Habib Rafique (Pvt) Ltd.

PMC/PMT:      Bahria Town Islamabad

PROJECT:   Bahria Town Phase - II

  • Monitoring and technical assistance in construction of earthquake resistant Hospital.
  • Implementation of company’s Quality Assurance and Quality control systems.
  •  Review and checking of all relevant submittals, drawings and bar bending schedules, Quality control plan, working methodology and construction schedules submitted by contractors as per contract requirements.
  •  Technical assistance to Assistant Resident Engineer in all construction activities.
  • Planning and conducting meetings with contractors regarding various construction issues and contract requirements.
  • Conducting tests like Field density Test, Cylinder compression test, reinforcement
  • tensile test, Abrasion test, Sieve analysis of aggregates, compressive strength of blocks etc.
  • Payment to Contractors according to their work done according to drawing and specification.
  • Management of Project Schedules.
  • Coordination with design team regarding site problems in construction drawings. 
  • Following and implementing all requirements of the company health & safety program.
  • Record keeping both at site as well as in office. Some of the records.



B.Tech in Civil Engineering

Preston University Kohat (HEC)

Civil engineering involves the exploration, research, planning, analysis, design, construction, and operation of facilities essential to modern life. Civil engineering systems include highways, bridges, tunnels, airports, and aerospace structures, railways, pipelines, dams, irrigation systems, towers, buildings for commerce and industry, water supply and distribution networks, and waste management facilities.


DAE in Civil Engineering

Rawalpindi Polytechnic Institute, Rwp (PBTE)

Civil Technology is the field of drafting, cartography, traffic technology and the analysis of construction materials to support construction, engineering, and architecture for roads, bridges and other public structures.



GOVT High School Khewra (BISE Rwp)

Matriculation is the formal process of entering a university, or of becoming eligible to enter by fulfilling certain academic requirements such as a matriculation examination.


  • Responsible for overall management of projects from conception to completion.
  • Ensure all operations are undertaken in a safe manner in accordance with international law & projects.
  • Liaison with and supervision of QA & QC staff to ensure project quality objectives are attained.
  • Supervision and co-ordination of multiple contractors.
  • Review project program and update on a regular basis.
  • Preparation, development and review of project quality plans.
  • Compliance with corporate quality management system.
  • Ensure compliance with client quality objectives.
  • Co-ordination of project audits and initiate post audit actions.
  • Ensure project team have a clear understanding of contract and applicable obligations.
  • Close liaison with Q.S.
  • Review and agree project measurement and, cost assessments.
  • Co-ordinate and assist Q.S in producing claims and initiate negotiation with client.
  • MS Office
  • Spread Sheet Work in MS Excel
    • Making IPC's & B.O.Q
    • Bar-Bending Schedule
    • Rate Analysis
    • Design of R.C.C Beam, Slabs, Column, Stair etc.
  • Auto CAD
  • Auto CAD Civil 3D
    • Contouring
    • Planning
    • Earth Work
    • Road Profile

  • CASIO FX-603P (Programs Making, Install, Run).
  • CASIO FX-880P. (Programs Making, Install, Run).
  • Total Station (Introduction)




Member of Institution of Civil Engineering UK

Membership # 64766803



Member of  American Society of Civil Engineers USA

Membership # 94765231



Fellowship Member of Pakistan Society of B.Tech Engineers

Membership # 2006-PK-ISB-2AD4