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Customer Service
I use my customer service skills in making sure every customer is treated with dignity and respect while they are attending or visiting Miami University.  Customer service is the most important value at Miami University.  Working with Conference Services at Miami University helped build my customer services skills.
I'm willing to use my leadership skills in making sure that the company, I'm working for succeeds.
Willing to work together as a team to get the assigned tasks done.

Work experience

Feb 2012Present

Parish Council Member

St. Mary's Catholic Church
  • Working with other parish council members into making St. Mary's Church a place of worship.
  • Help in making sure the church stays inside the budget.
  • Working along with the other parish council members in managing and improving the church and the community.
  • Partnered with Share food Harvest and Friends of Neighbors in Need into help giving food to the poor in the community.
Feb 2013Present


Oxford Community Choice Pantry

  • I help individuals who live in the Talawanda School District shop for food to help them during tough times.
  • I work as a shopping assistant which is a position in the pantry that helps customer shop for food and giving them advice of the food they can get towards having a nutrition meal.
  • I also help stock food on the shelves so the customers can have more of a variety to choose from.
  • Been a receptionist which I help customers sign in to receive their food by using technology.
Jul 2013Present

Senior Student Manager at Maplestreet Station

Miami University (Oxford)
  • Responsible and in charge of doing all of the hiring and scheduling for the student employees.
  • Has excellent knowledge and knows how to do Kronos and the student employment system.
  • Excellent knowledge on sanitation.
  • Worked with the other full time managers in help managing seven restaurants.
  • Do well in working together as a team with the other employees. 
Oct 2007Aug 2013

Senior Student Manager at Alexander Dining Hall/Greystone

Miami University (Oxford)
  • Been a student employee for Alexander and Greystone for 5 years and a student manager for 2 years.
  • Worked together with the managers and other student managers in running the Alexander and Greystone successfully with excellent customer service.
  • In charge of updating and doing the student employee's schedule for every week.
  • Tracks and e-mails anybody with any unexcused and excused absences from work.
  • Help do inventory for Greystone.
  • Done credit card and cash transactions.
  • Helped receive a 96% on our sanitation inspection from Miami University.
  • Has excellent knowledge on sanitation and making sure everything is kept clean.
  • Know how to do Kronos.
May 2013Aug 2013

Student Specialist - Trucking Crew

Miami University - Residential Services
  • Help move furniture and other heavy stuff to the Miami University's warehouse.
  • Help organize dorms and other buildings.
  • Able to operate machinery depending on the type.
  • Has knowledge of how stuff is transported to different locations.
May 2012Aug 2012

Student Specialist of Conference Services

Miami University - Conference Services
  • Helped other student specialist and managers in the Housing, Dining, Business, and Recreation Services department in letting visiting adults, upcoming freshman of in-state and international students, alumni, and other visitors enjoy their stay at Miami University with excellent customer service.
  • I also help arrange meetings and major events like Sycro (national swimming conference), fraternity meetings, and music events.
  • Help checking in visitors who are staying in a residence hall for a certain period of time and checking out visitors who are leaving.
  • Done credit card and cash payments for people who want to buy meal cards with the approval of management.


Aug 2010Present

Integrative Studies

Miami University (Hamilton)
  • Two concentrations of my BIS degree focuses on Organizational Leadership and Cross-Cultural Leadership.
  • Organizational and Cross-Cultural Leadership are both concentrations that emphasizes on marketing, accounting, business management, customer service, fund raising, public affairs, retailing, sales and training, supply chain, finance, and information systems.
Aug 2010Present

Associate of Applied Business

Miami University (Hamilton)
  • Adding an associates in Business Management Technology to help build and upgrade my Integrative Studies degree.


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