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Global strategic consultancy Energetica Systems focuses on helping customers succeed in a business world where one needs to instantly connect and collaborate with colleagues, customers, and industry competitors. The firm provides guidance on organization, business development, client loyalty initiatives, and similar elements required to build and sustain a successful enterprise. Over the years, Energetica Systems has served many industry and government organizations such as Oracle, Verizon Wireless, General Electric, New York State Police, The City of New York, and NJ Transit.Through strategic business and technology consulting, Energetica Systems assists clients in achieving the objectives that are critical to operating in the global economy. The objectives include capturing greater market share through implementation of technological business initiatives, capitalizing on information technology operational efficiencies, and increasing profits through customer loyalty programs. Energetica Systems leverages the expertise of its consultants to boost innovation and better harvest intellectual capital for customers to achieve greater return on investment and true business value.The professionals at Energetica Systems use a proven methodology to integrate new technologies into customers’ operations. The company’s consultants begin by evaluating a client’s business enterprise system, and this allows the consultants to create a roadmap of the processes and the interrelationships. Then the consultants identify critical business improvement opportunities before they compile a list of process owners to serve on an implementation team. The next step involves creating a deployment plan that is designed to improve processes and meet customer objectives. This precedes the final phase where Energetica Systems conducts a comprehensive review of the business assessment with the customer’s leadership team. This step will determine the expected resources and time commitment that would be required for deployment of the plan. More information about Energetica Systems, its philosophies, and techniques can be found at