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I've recently decided to take a break from my education (going to college immediately after high school) to explore my career interests and to get a better grasp on what I would like to do in college. 

My parents and I recently had to relocate to Australia which left me faced with the option to stay in America and graduate with my senior class or through my district school earn my diploma by finishing my graduation requirements in two weeks. I decided to work with the district school and a program was developed for me. I worked around the clock to try to get things done. I successfully finished a full year of English with an A. Through this time I have shown to myself and others around me that I'm dependable, self-motivated, a hard worker, enthusiastic, and willing to push myself to achieve my goals.

Work experience


Media Intern/ Freelance Youth Author

Northend Agents Newspaper
  • Published articles for the paper some of them ended being the star of their magazine 'The Real.'
  • Wrote short stories to be published in the children edition.
  • Started a book that is soon to be published 'Jr.Jackson's detective agency.'

Reviewer of Book content

Scarlet Lantern Publishing Company

The publishing company would send me a new release which I would review and post the comments to multiple websites from publisher such as:-

  • Barnes and nobles
  • Amazon
  • Goodreads


Starlight Children's Foundation
  • Sold merchandise for the foundation.
  • Did face paint for little kids. 


Soup Kitchen
  • Helped prepare the food for the homeless.
  • Washed the dishes
  • Served food.


Uconn Reading Program
  • Read to children.
  • Helped create curricular plans with my team.
  • Supervised children.


Backpack Program
  • Packed food bags to give to the less fortunate.
  • Led clients around the makeshift store and supervised the amount of food they received.
  • Handed out bags of food.
  • Stocked the store shelves.
  • Prepped the food to go on the shelves.
  • Filed.


Nov 2015Nov 2015

High School

New Britain High School


Oct 2015

High School

Capital Prepartory Magnet School