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Work experience

Mar 2009Present

Senior Engineer

Controls & Electronics Architecture Team Member

Sep 2004Jan 2009

Senior Software Engineer

  • Acted as Project Leader/Technical contact for Daewoo; refactored the Bluray Player Application, and replaced the GUI engine; included mentoring team members and integration with external APIs. Manufactured for Eastern Europe market.
  • Leaded development and acted as technical contact for Toshiba Digital TV Converter Box; implemented EPG, tuning mechanism, and setup functionality; integrated with external APIs.
  • Participated in the design and implementation of a framework for development multi-platform applications in a multi-threaded environment; included state machines, messaging, application interoperability, hardware abstraction layer, porting layer and standard data structures.
  • Performed R&D activities for Advanced Graphical User Interfaces for customers like Whirlpool, Samsung, Daewoo, Altera, ST Micro, Acogito, Philips, Topfield; participated in the full development cycle, implementing prototypes, focus tests, proof of concepts and developing final commercial products.
Sep 2000Aug 2004

Software Engineer

  • Designed and implemented a DVR complete solution for Philips.
  • Implemented and ported Audio Application for Philips 760 DVD Player.
  • Developed Photo Application shipped in Samsung DVD player DVD P721M (CES 2003 Innovations Design and Engineering Award Winner).
  • Coordinated engineering and QA personnel to finish the Korean Gold version of the Planetweb browser for a Samsung DVD Player.
  • Implemented localization/internationalization capability for the Planetweb browser, chat and e-mail systems.
Aug 1999Aug 2000

Software Developer

Dextra Technologies
  • Implemented several embedded applications for Planetweb to be deployed into an eAppliance Internet Phone.
  • Participated on the refactoring of the Planetweb Browser core functionality so that it could be based on a multi-platform architecture resulting in the code base of the Planetweb Browser 2.0.
  • Ported the Planetweb Browser platform specific layer to a Cirrus Logic Set Top Box.
  • Refactored an online human resources system to use servlet applications instead of CGI’s.
Jan 1998Jul 1999

Professional Assistant

ITESM Virtual University
  • Coordinated the deployment of the online courses between British Columbia University and ITESM Virtual University at the "Distance Education and Technology Graduate Program".
  • Acted as technical contact for the program “Development of Administrative Abilities”; including interaction with federal education authorities at the Ministry of Education in Panama, Panama.
  • Implemented Applets and CGI’s applications to support the online courses.
  • Designed a multi agent system layout and communication mechanism to create virtual communities according to the student's research and educational areas.


Jul 1997May 1999

Master of Science

Instituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey (ITESM)

GPA: 94/100Dissertation titled: "Arquitectura Distribuida de Agentes para Enlace de Intereses" (Distributed architecture for a matchmaker multiagent system).Publications in proceedings:- Muñiz, Erick.,Garcia, M., Escamilla, J. 10/1998. "Arquitectura Distribuida de Agentes para Enlace de Intereses" (Distributed architecture for a matchmaker multiagent system). Twentieth Congress in Electronics Electro'98. Chihuahua, Chihuahua, Mexico.

Aug 1992May 1997

Bachelor of Science

Instituto Tecnológico de Chihuahua II

GPA 87/100Dissertation titled: "Ánima , Creación de Interfaces Gráficas " ('Soul, Creation of graphical user interfaces')Publications in proceedings:- Muñiz, Erick, Torres, F., Aguirre, F., Blanco,R. 09/1997. ” Ánima , Creación de Interfaces Gráficas ” (Soul, Creation of Graphical User Interfaces). Fourth International Congress of Computer Science Research. Durango Dgo., México.- Muñiz, Erick,Torres, F., Rodas, J., Blanco R. Ruiz, J.,06/1997. "Planeación de Horarios Escolares mediante el uso de Sistemas Basados en el Conocimiento" (Planning school schedules using a knowledge based system). First International Symposium in Intelligent Systems.Apizaco, Tlax, Mexico. - Muñiz, Erick,Torres, F., Rodas, J., Blanco R. 11/1996. "SIPH, Sistema Inteligente de Planeación de Horarios" (Intelligent system for planning school schedules). Third International Congress of Computer Science Research.Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico.

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A dedicated professional with 10+ years of experience in software development, including 8+ years experience implementing highly portable advanced graphical user interfaces and applications for the consumer electronic market.

Self-motivated and technology passionate with excellent interpersonal relations eager to learn new technologies and experiences. Senior Software Engineer with a high level of initiative and autonomy and always focused to excel performance. Experience as development leader in small teams; generalist on agile teams and technical contact with customers and other departments.

Expertise beyond technical skills encompasses teamwork, supervision, staff mentoring, communication and organizational skills.

Technical Competences

  • Programming Languages/Standards: C, C++, C#, Java, SQL, UML, XML, Perl, Ruby, .Net, XNA, DirectFB
  • Development Environments, Source Control and Methodologies: Visual Studio, Eclipse, Tornado, Nios, IAR Embedded Workbench, Agile Development, TDD, Scrum, CVS, RCS, Visual Source Safe
  • Familiar with cross-platform development, including Windows, Montavista Linux, vxWorks, Nios, WinCE, IAR, pSOS.
  • Experience developing multi-threaded applications and state machines for distributed and event driven systems.
  • Good debugging and problem solving skills