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I am an award winning Network Analyst / Technical Writer with extensive experience in the high tech field, specializing in digital and audio technology. I am also adept in computer hardware and software installation and troubleshooting.

Work experience

May 2008Present


Computer Consultant

Computer Consultant                            2008 - Present* Install hardware, software, troubleshooting and configuring computers for clients.

Dec 2001May 2008

Network Analyst - Shell Network Operations Center

Odyssey Information Services

* Network Analyst maintaining Satellite, Tandem, X.25 and Broadband data links for Shell Global and Domestic Retail Networks. The Networks comprised more than 13,000 global and domestic retailers generating revenue exceeding 12 billion annually.* Troubleshooting of Cisco routers remotely using remote procedures diagnosing connectivity issues to determine point of failure and escalation of issue to Cisco remote technicians to the point of failure for further analysis. * All manuals, guides and procedures were written from personal experience of the author. The author had personally used all the procedures and applications outlined in all manuals.* Author of Shell Retail Infrastructure Operations Guide. The material in the guide contained complete information for troubleshooting, network topology, data flow and points of contact for the entire Shell Global Retail Network. This guide was updated on a daily basis and used by the entire Shell Global Retail Staff comprising 40 members.* Author of Hughes Network Systems Illuminet Guide for the Hughes Illuminet Software System. The material contained in the guide covered base terminology, troubleshooting procedures and earth station configuration for the Hughes 5000 and 6000 digital Earth Stations. The Illuminet Guide was used by the Shell Global Retail Staff comprising 40 members.* Co author of the Tandem Teaching Guide. The information contained in this guide acquainted the novice user to the nomenclature, troubleshooting techniques and performance features of the Tandem System as used by the Shell Global Retail Team.* Received outstanding achievement award for technical writing.

Jan 1999Dec 2001

Network Analyst - Texaco Retail Network Operations Center

Texaco Global Information Services

* Network Analyst maintaining leased line and satellite data links for the Texaco Global Information Systems Network for 8000 retailers nationwide. * Author of the Spectrum Handbook. The material in this guide contained complete information as to the use of the Spectrum Web application monitoring system. The Spectrum application was used to monitor the Texaco Global Information Services world wide Cisco router network. The Spectrum Handbook was used by the Texaco Network Operations Staff comprising 20 individuals.* Author of Web Monitor Trouble Ticketing Guide. The material covered in this guide included Data Entry, Opening a Trouble Ticket, Updating a Ticket, Re Assigning a Trouble Ticket and Ticket Closure. The Web Monitor Trouble Ticketing Guide was used by the Texaco Network Operations Staff comprising 20 individuals.* Received outstanding achievement award for technical writing.


Bachelor of Arts


Expert in network troubleshooting procedures for Tandem Network, Satellite Groundstations and Personal Computer hardware and software.
Tandem operations
Tandem Operator for 9 years with Tandem fileserver. Author of Tandem Teaching Guide using information acquired by personal use of Tandem making the use of the system much quicker for the novice user.
Procedural documentation
Documented network troubleshooting procedures for my group comprising 20 members. This documentation reduced downtime of network issues by all group members.
Network configuration
Configuration of IP and Telenet networks
Technical writing
Received outstanding achievement awards for Technical Writing
Satellite communication
Configuration of Satellite Groundstations
Network analysis
Analysis, Troubleshooting and Resolution of Data Network Issues