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I am naturally curious. It’s why thinking abstractly is so enjoyable to me. My curiosity allows me to quickly grasp 'big picture’ software architecture and craft code that fits.

Strong believer that a healthy mix of personal responsibility and inclusive collaboration is   central to effective problem solving.

Work History

March 2016Present

Lead Engineer (Data Insights Team)


I focus mainly on strategic vision.

I counsel my team in data science methods and "big data" tools. We   have leveraged variational Bayesian methods for intelligent posterior approximation as well as Spark and Kafka for distributed job execution. Under my direction, we created a working "K-prototypes" clustering algorithm capable of detecting anomalies via "distance" from cluster centers (representative of archetypal events).

As of late, I have been responsible for building out our CI/CD pipeline. I leverage Jenkins and Docker to ensure code that passes our expectations for function and quality are automatically delivered to the appropriate container registry for eventual deployment.

August 2016March 2016

Software Engineer


Was primarily responsible for data ingress and normalization using Elasticsearch and Logstash. Wrote security device integrations using Python. For local development, I leveraged Vagrant and Ansible to provision development environments.

May seem 'old school', but I'm a big fan of Makefiles which, if used properly, can give a language-agnostic interface project administration (i.e. `make install`, `make test`, etc.).

March 2016July 2016

Application Developer


Leveraged Ruby on Rails to implement new features and fix bugs. Features included CSV upload and JSON endpoints. Encouraged a test-driven approach so as to ensure expectations before deployment. 

Sep 2015Feb 2016

Associate Software Engineer

Leapfrog Online

Created new and maintained existing services on the LFO microservices platform. Collaborated in building out the new automating testing paradigm while continuing to support the old. Created a tool that modifies site configuration files en batch. Contributed to developing an API capable of delivering a 'buy propensity' score for a given set of users.

Sep 2014Jul 2015

Content Developer

Cogent Education

Created novel ways to re-imagine high school science curricula. Delivered content used in the development of Cogent interactive software as a member of a team. Designed and tested simulations using the Unity game engine (required JavaScript and C# scripting).

Took initiative in contributing to the writing of an SBIR grant ultimately funded for $150,000 by the NSF.

Aug 2011Jun 2014

Graduate Assistant

University of Georgia

Modeled the subtle effects of internal rotation within van der Waals complexes using scripts written in both Python and Mathematica.

Designed and built a working SiC, hyperthermal nozzle prototype pyrolysis source capable of reaching temperatures in excess of 1500 K and based on the design of Zhang, et al., Rev. Sci. Instr., 2003, 74, 6

Aug 2011May 2014

Teaching Assistant

University of Georgia

Mentored and supervised students through performing and reporting experimental laboratory results. Achieved an overall 98% pass rate among students while administering strict report-writing guidelines.


Jul 2015

Web Developer

Dev Bootcamp

Immersive 19-week bootcamp focused on Ruby, JavaScript, Ruby on Rails, common JavaScript libraries, SQL, HTML and CSS, as well as pair programming, agile and test driven development.

Aug 2014

M.Sc., Physical Chemistry

University of Georgia

Thesis titled:

“Infrared Spectroscopy of Weakly Bound Complexes in Superfluid Helium"


B.S., Chemistry

University of Georgia                                



Primarily weakly-typed languages such as Python, Javascript, and Ruby with some exposure to strongly-typed languages such as Java and Scala. Skilled in OO design principles being the most proficient in Python. I prefer a functional approach as it is more easily tested.  

Project Management

Planning projects for my team and course-correction during execution in service of a deadline. Iterative agile sprints leveraging kanban boards for tracking progress on deliverables. 

Web Frameworks

In order of proficiency: Flask, Django, Ruby on Rails, and Sinatra. Can develop new applications and maintain existing ones based on complex schemas.

Frontend Frameworks

Proficient with component architecture using React and Angular. Definitely prefer and am more current with React.

Test Driven Development

Proficient with Python unittest. I also write RSPEC Ruby and Jasmine JavaScript tests. Experienced with hooking into continuous integration (Jenkins).

Also proficient in "end-to-end" functional testing of web applications using DSLs like Capybara in Ruby and the Python Selenium bindings.

Relational Databases

Can draft schemas appropriate for read- or write-heavy applications. Most proficient with MySQL and PostgreSQL.

Non-relational Databases

Proficient with Elasticsearch with experience using Cassandra. Can manage custom creation of Elasticsearch mappings for efficient document indexing.

Message Passing

Leveraging Kafka (or even RabbitMQ) to buffer event streams.

Web Server Configuration

Proficient in configuring nginx and Apache web servers. Experience configuring a "round robin" load balancer for nginx. Proficient with WSGI integration.


OS virtualization for running applications in isolated environments


Build automation server for running specified packaging/delivery commands upon source code check-in events.


January 2016


This is an interactive Twitter client for the REST API that makes use of the Twython library. It knows about the entire REST API surface from scraping the docs and caching the info in a convenient data structure. Does the same with rate limits. It's meant to be used in your favorite Python interactive shell (bpython, ipython, python, etc.).

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November 2015

An automated, lightweight tool for browser testing your website. An adventure in Python metaprogramming.

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July 2015

Evening Edition:

A Ruby On Rails RSS feed scraper featuring a sophisticated visual layout, and an implementation of the White String Algorithm to determine and collect news articles discussing the same subject.

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An online tool to coordinate experiment activities in a research laboratory developed in just over two days. It features an austere layout and allows for users in either "faculty" ([email protected]::pass) or "staff" ([email protected]::pass) roles to propose experiments and those in a "staff" role to record the results of an experiment.

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Current Interests

immutable infrastructure, machine learning, network analysis, poetry