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I am Emmanuel Yakubu, a Current Business Management major at TEXAS SOUTHERN UNIVERSITY.   I have an interest in the field of  Entrepreneurship. I plan to own and build my own businesses sometime in the near future.

Work experience

Jun 2014Oct 2014

Personal Assistant


-Closed business entries every day for the business.

-Sorted out and helped arrange documents for my boss, the CFO of the company.

-Created and planned daily routine activities for key officials in the company.

-Followed up with clients following business meetings at the company.

Jun 2012Oct 2012

Sales Admin

Yak6 Enterprises

-Opened up and closed out the business inventory and register on a daily basis.

-Controlled the cash flow of income and expenditure for the business.

-Worked actively in marketing the business brand.

-Controlled and efficiently managed the payroll and human resources responsibilities in the business.


Aug 2013May 2017

Business Management

Texas Southern University

Currently a undergraduate at the Jesse H Jones business school, Texas Southern University

Sep 2007Jun 2013

High School

Progress high  schools

Obtained high school education and graduated with A levels diploma



Proficient communication skills


Good Organizational behavior and attributes

Microsoft Office

Good and proficient use of Microsoft office word, excel and powerpoint.


Computer Proficiency and use

The institute of Computer Mastery, Yaba Lagos

Emmanuel Yakubu has displayed exemplary and good knowledge of how to operate a computer, build websites and software and use Microsoft office software with mastery and great skill.

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Organizational Membership.

-Member: Texas Southern University entrepreneurship club.

-Member: Texas Southern University debate team.

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Industry Analysis

Product Name: Yak6 Clothing line

Product Type/Category: Clothing, belts, shoes, watches/ FASHION BRAND.

Industry; FASHION

Brand Competitors: Current band competitors in the market are mainly high range fashion labels such as Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Burberry, Ralph Lauren.

Target Market: Our target market are the middle class and upper class Americans between the ages of 18 to 45.

Customers: My customers are the middle class and upper class Americans between the ages of 18 to 45. I chose this demographic because my fashion and clothing design will best suit them and they have the resources to afford our premium clothing line which delivers only the best clothing designs with specially crafted fabric.

Market Trends: The fashion industry follows a seasonal approach. I.e, peoples tastes and clothing wants and choices vary from season to season. For example, in the summer season, there is more demand for items like shorts, loafer shoes, light fabric button up shirts and sunglasses on both sexes. In the winter or colder periods, there is a higher demand for heavier or thicker clothing such as woolen jackets, leather jackets, scarves, gloves and boots.

Future Opportunities: We hope to start up our own line of perfumes and make up kits in the nearest future.

Competitive Strategies: Our main competitive strategy is to deliver world class product into the hands of those who truly deserve it. Our accessories and clothes are made from the best fabric in the world from places like Indonesia, France, Taiwan etc. and our accessories and shoes are hand made with more detail and care. Hence, we give customers a chance to customize whatever they want from our brand. We believe this is our ultimate advantage on other brand competitors.



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Elevator Pitch

Hello good afternoon, I am Emmanuel Yakubu and it is indeed a great pleasure to meet you, I am an highly skilled financial analyst with great ability to help people make the best financial relations as shown by my accomplishments in the field, I believe my skills would be highly beneficial to you or your organization and I look forward to a possible partnership..Thanks for your time and have a splendid day