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As an electrical engineer I specialized in the field of Embedded Engineering, which includes four years of experience in the same. Of these, the first two years of work on various projects as part of the faculty of education, as well as private work, while the last two years of active work on various projects in this area, whatever embbeded project, in different environments. Very good at designing and developing, systems and software for fast data acquisition, process control and signal processing Solid background in semiconductor technology, a very good knowledge of microelectronic components and designing and analysis of electrical circuits. Very good knowledge of computer architecture and its communication with other portable devices. Good orientation in problem solving and documentation skills, a good attitude to teamwork, as well as the transfer of my own knowledge. 



Electrical High School, Department of Computer Engineering and Control

Mixed Secondary School "308 Slavna Brdska Brigade", Novi Travnik

Graduated as valedictorian in May 2012.


Bachelor of Science, Electrical Engineer, Department of Automation and Electronics

University of Sarajevo, Faculty of Electrical Engineering in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Graduated with a grade nine (9) in September, 2015.


Working skills
  • Knowledge of SCRUMs methods.
  • SCRUM board.
  • KANBAN board.
Communication skills

Knowledge of the English language in speech and in a letter.

Knowledge of the German language in speech and in a letter.

Knowledge of the Arabian language in speech and in a letter.

Embedded environment
  • PICs microcontroller.
  • Arduino UNO or MEGA.
  • STM32 (F030, F072, F103 and F4).
Programming skills
  • C. (4 y.e.)
  • C++. (4 y.e.)
  • C#. (3 y.e.)
  • Python. (1 y.e.)
  • Java. (1 y.e.)
  • Ruby. (1 y.e.)
  • Assembly. (2 y.e.)
  • Matlab. (4 y.e.)
  • Labview. (3 y.e.)
  • Altium. (2 y.e.)
  • different IDE environment.
  • ASP .NET. (1 y.e.)
  • HTML. (1 y.e.)
  • SQL Database. (1 y.e.)
  • PHP. (1 y.e.)


August, 2016present

C/C++ developer

Freelance community

I work as C/C++ developer, according to a demanding project. So far, it was only projects closely related to the Embedded World, as well as a lot of developed applications and projects in the Matlab program  package.

April, 2017Maj, 2017

C++/Python developer on Linux OS

RevTwo company

This was a short term contract, so in one month I had the task of synchronizing the application revtwo so that  it's installation is done with snap, and also that the required config files are generated in the given directory.

Januar, 2016Januar, 2017

Embedded Software Developer

TRING d.o.o.

Development of hardware and software design, are my responsibilities in this company where I gained most experience in this business. From things I've worked in this company were:

  • Hardware development (creating PCBs with STM microcontroller), consideration of hardware in order to achieve better management, working with high-voltage power supply on the panel.
  • Development of software for the management of the system with which I was faced (AC motor management, management LED Matrix and management platform with RTU).
  • Using various forms of communication between the microprocessor and other hardware required for the project (UART communication, SPI communication, I2C communication, etc.).
  • Testing the system through their development, from the beginning, to the final product, with the aim of eliminating errors, with which to confront our system.
  • Creating various aspects of C and C ++ libraries at different levels of software development of the project.


Self-balancing robot (Segway):

The task of this project is was to create a mobile robot that will perform self-maintenance, and will keep a balance and not let him either party overwhelms the other. Very similar projects was already done, and I use that projects, to create my own system.

Embedded environment - Arduino Uno.

Programming environment - Arduino.


Generator of various shapes voltage:

The task was to create such a system that will according to input information at its output will give signals, whether rectangular, triangular, sawtoothed or sinusoidal form. The input information is a period with which I should adjust amplitude of the output signal, while the output period to remain the same as the input.

Embedded environment - PIC.

Programming environment - MPLAB IDE.


This global project has been compiled from three other projects, and to manage AC motor (fan control), LED Matrix display and RTU system. I used the AC motor of 3kW, LED matrix and sensors for temperature, humidity and pressure. 

Embedded environment - STM32F030, STM32F072 and STM32F103.

Programming environment - CooCox IDE.