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Emine Imoh Daniel Udoh

  • Sarawak, Malaysia, MY

A Student Programmer 


A strong leader passionate towards problem solving, algorithm and software development with technical and supervisory skills and an entrepreneurial spirit. Proficient in multiple programming languages, creative,  innovative and purpose driven. 

Work History



T.E.A.M Curtin Sarawak

T.E.A.M is a group of visionary Curtin students with a mission to craft out and apply empowerment programs that inspire a sustained change in the lives of the younger generation in developing countries. T.E.A.M Vision is to reach out and empower as many kids as possible.

Aug 20152016


John Curtin leadership Academy

The John Curtin Leadership Academy (JCLA) is Curtin University’s prestigious leadership program, delivered through LEC.  JCLA develops future leaders with entrepreneurial spirit and community values.

As a JCLA ambassador I am currently working on a community project to provide clean water to a community with difficulty of accessing quality water.  This requires strong leadership skills and strong values, which I have potentials to offer.

Nov 2014Present


The International TRIZ Association (MATRIZ)

Triz(Theory of Inventive Problem Solving)

As a TRIZ  level one practitioner, I apply my proven tools and methods capabilities required to provide technical and systemic solutions which guaranteed in problem solving.  


Jan 2014Nov 2016

Bachelor of Technology

Curtin University

I am a keen second year student pursing a bachelor of technology degree in Computer systems and Networking with a high grade graduation outlook.This program enables me to build a solid foundation in programming and information technology (IT), and offers me the flexibility to engage with non-IT course to build a robust degree.


Research and writing Skills

I am current conducting a research on deep learning a field that contributes greatly to artificial intelligence as my final year project. I have good research and writing skills is needed to make substantial progress in this project.

Strong Leadership Skills

I have assumed leadership roles in several clubs and communities. I was the team leader of the JCLA Batch 9 and I am the founder T.E.A.M Curtin sarawak

Problem solving

I have acquired algorithms and problems solving skills with real experience in current and previous projects. I have also applied this skill to provide solutions to improving the welfare of students at Curtin through events and meaningful movements.

Hardware Skills

I have practical Knowledge and application of microprocessors and transmission interfaces such as the Raspberry pi, Arduino boards, MSP 432 among others.

DataBase Management

I have practical Knowledge and application of database management systems and languages such as MySQL and SQL*Plus.

Project Management

I have experience in organization of projects. Currently working on several projects, which includes a project with the objective of optimizing sports facilities (e.g. futsal courts) usability by building softwares to improve customer services and profitability.

Another project I am currently engaged on is a community service project (Water for Teru). The objective of this project is to provide water for indigenes of a village (Long Teru).

I am also working on a social entrepreneurial business project that aims to tackle a social issue (Education).

Web development

Developing and designing these website require knowledge of javascript, content management software, I am proficient with these skills. I am currently developing three websites and, mun.cs

Programming Languages

I have a broad knowledge in programming languages and I am knowledgeable as a programmer and developer. I am proficient in languages among which are Java, JavaScript, C++, C, Ruby, Assembly Language, Python and HTML/CSS. Open source and collaboration programming experience.

Communication Skills

I  have diverse skill covering fluent communication and presentation, writing, and team player/manager. Ability to work with individuals, different personalities and groups.

System Administration

I have practical Knowledge of operating systems and system administration. Systems handled include MS windows, Linux (Ubuntu), OS X and real-time operating systems.


Certificate of Participation

Startup Weekend Sarawak

Participated in the Miri Startup Weekend Sarawak from the 26th of august to the 28th of August 2016

Certificate of Participation 

2nd KDU International Student Entrepreneurship Conference 2016

Participated in the 2nd KDU International Student Entrepreneurship Conference on the 24th of September, 2016

Dean list

Curtin University

Awarded Dean’s list in recognition of obtaining the best overall grade in the following units:

  •  Hardware Fundamentals 101.
  • Database systems 120.
  • Data Structures and Algorithms 120.

IEEEXtreme Programming Competition 8.0



Curtin University Environmental Engineering division

Presented in recognition of attendance during the Earth day 2015

Certificate of Participation

Borneo Youth Leadership Camp

Participated in the 2015 Borneo Youth Leadership Conference from the 30th of august to the 4th of September 2015

Certificate of Attendance

Institute of Materials, Malaysia

Attendee of the 5th Regionall Materials Technology COnference Miri, Sarawak organised by  


Club Memberships: IEEE International Division, Curtin Environmental Club, Curtin African Club,  Curtin Football Club, Model United Nations Curtin Sarawak, 

Online Communities: CodeCamp .com,,, and many more.