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Interactive Whiteboard Technology
I use IWBs to teach all subjects when they are available. They are very useful tools for presenting.
Cert IV Training & Assessment
I've taught and assessed business courses of over thirty students in numerous subject matter including Business Networking, Developing Teams & Individuals, and WHS. 


I would like to obtain a Corporate Training position where I can implement my presenting skills.


In addition to having a passion for English language, I also enjoy a variety of hobbies and sports. I enjoy salsa dancing, CrossFit, hiking, swimming, yoga, painting, and travel. 

Work experience

General English Teacher

Performance Education/Eurocentres

I currently teach Upper Intermediate level at Performance. I also help with Student Activities & Events by planning excursions and informing the student body of things they can do around Sydney. Eurocentres also has inspired me to be more philanthropic. The school is currently working to help children in Kenya get new school uniforms. Helping orphans is a passion of mine and I love that my workplace enables me to give back. 

Nov 2012Present

Business Trainer

Bridge Business College

I started in the ELICOS program at this school, but quickly changed over to the business side upon completing my Cert IV in Training & Assessment. Recently, I've taught subjects including Business Networks, Develop Teams & Individuals, and Workplace Health & Safety. 

Aug 2012Sep 2012

General English Teacher

Language Studies International

During this time, I was transitioning from living in Queensland to living in Sydney. Before I moved to Sydney, I stayed in Brisbane for one month and worked as a one-on-one TOEFL teacher, as well as, a General English teacher to all levels at LSI. I also helped organize an International Food Day at the school. I enjoyed my time there greatly and still keep in touch with the staff and students. I'm grateful for the opportunity I had in Brisbane, even though it was for a short time.

Aug 2011Aug 2012

General English Teacher

Pacific English School

I taught all levels of General English at this school. This was the first language school I worked at in Australia and I loved it. It is a small school, but it works well. The students become a family by the end of their time at Pacific. I saw many of them progress from Pre-intermediate level up to Upper Intermediate within in less than six months time. I'm very proud of the improvements made to the level of spoken English in regards to students at this school. 

Feb 2012Jul 2012

General English Teacher

Inforum Language School

This school used Total English textbooks which were great to gain experience with these materials. Total English provides resources, worksheets, and dvds for the students. I taught intermediate students at this school and was very impressed by how organized their resources were. This inspired me to organize my own teaching materials. 

Oct 2011Feb 2012

General English Teacher

Embassy CES

I taught consistently for four months at the intermediate level at this school. During this time, I learned how to use Smartboard Technology and implement Interactive Whiteboards into the classroom. This was very influential for my presenting and teaching techniques.

Apr 2011Aug 2011

Gold Coast Metermaid

Gold Coast Metermaids

As a Metermaid, you work as a Gold Coast Tourist Icon and attraction. Promoting the Gold Coast and Surfers Paradise was one of my most exciting jobs. I learned a lot about Australia and helped raise hundreds of dollars for the Pink Ribbon Breast Cancer Foundation. I also learned the art of sales while selling Metermaid merchandise to tourists. In a typical day, my partner and I would make over $700 in sales. 

Sep 2010Dec 2010

TOEFL & General English Teacher

Yonseii University Academy

This was an after school program for teenagers who  needed to practise their English speaking and writing skills. 

Feb 2010Dec 2010

Kindergarten & Elem Teacher

Jundang Language School

I worked here full time and gained experience with younger children. I was able to utilise my artistic abilities a lot. I also used Interactive Whiteboards at this school with Letterland resources. 

Nov 2008Dec 2009

General English Teacher

Pagoda Junior Foreign language Institute

This was my first teaching job. It was also my first time living abroad. The number of experiences I had in South Korea are endless. This opportunity opened so many doors for me. Pagoda Junior was one of the best experiences in my life. I was treated so well and am so happy I went to Korea.


Aug 2011Jun 2012

Masters of Education

Griffith University

I studied my masters degree full time, while working full time on the Gold Coast. Griffith University was incredibly diverse with a huge international population. I now have contacts all over the world thanks to Griffith. 

Aug 2004May 2008

Bachelors of Art

University of Tampa

I studied at the University for four years and lived on campus. I loved my experience there. Not only is the university pleasing to the eye, but it's professors are so helpful and the variety of courses offered can't be beat. I not only studied art, but also took course in business, such as Micro and Macro Economics. These courses challenged me and prepared me for working in industries other than my own. I continue to have a passion for art of all styles and incorporate it into whatever I do. I find in teaching and training, this degree really helps with create thinking. I feel that visual aids are a great asset to have when presenting.


Cert IV Training & Assessment

CBD College