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My objective is to gain a P-5 teaching position in the Southeastern area of Georgia. 


I believe I am a life-long learner. I learn through experiences and reading. I am a member of several affiliations including, the National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE) and Pi Lambda Theta national honor society for educators. I enjoy keeping up with current research and strategies in education. I also enjoy spending time with family and friends. 

Work experience

Aug 2012May 2014


Private Family

Throughout my educational experience at Georgia Southern I worked as a nanny for several different families. For one family, I cared a for young boy (age 4) with severe autism and a young girl (age 7) with emotional issues. During this time I creatively developed fun activities to encourage participation and interaction. For another family, I cared for a five month old child and encouraged engagement in activities related to the development of motor skills. During the final year of my education at Georgia Southern University, I cared for three children ages 4, 8, and 10. I took them to and from school, church, and extracurricular activities. I helped the children with homework and school projects, encouraged reading, and tutored the children when necessary. 

I have a true passion to help better the lives of children that come into my life. My belief is that all children can learn and grow when provided with the necessary support and encouragement. My work experience as a nanny shows my dedication to helping all children grow. 


Aug 2012May 2014

Master of Education

Georgia Southern University

This program is based on developmentally appropriate practices and teaches the importance of appropriate diversity in instructional planning, assessment, and classroom management. Specific courses showed me how to address issues in a multicultural classroom and plan instruction to meet the needs of a diverse body of learners. I explored the relationships between content, curriculum, and instruction as well as how to effectively integrate these ideas into my own teaching. Other courses, taught me how to successfully research educational topics, apply various learning theories to adapt my own philosophy of teaching, and how to integrate my educational theory with classroom practices. I gained extensive knowledge of how to effectively plan and teach mathematics, social studies, science, and language arts. I also learned how to address issues in a multicultural classroom and plan instruction to meet the needs of a diverse body of learners. 

I chose to participate in the reading endorsement program while completing my maters. Through my interaction and completion of the specific reading courses I gained more advanced skills and knowledge of how to assess the literacy needs of students and then plan individualized and developmentally appropriate instruction. 

Aug 2007May 2012

Bachelor of Science in Education

Georgia Southern University

The Early Childhood Education program at Georgia Southern University focuses on preparing aspiring educators to demonstrate competency in all areas related to education at this level. Through the completion of the program I gained a wealth of knowledge regarding classroom management, instructional planning, differentiation, educational technologies, content knowledge, educational theories, and educational practices. I had many opportunities to analyze actual teachers in various K-5 grades as well as practice implementing my own teaching in the classrooms. During my student teaching semester I was able to experience taking charge of a classroom with all the responsibilities and duties of a teacher. My participation in the student teaching program helped me to better understand how to implement and use all the knowledge regarding education in an actual classroom setting. I gained a deep understanding of the effectiveness of positive behavior management and the importance of collaboration with other teachers, administrators, and parents. 


May 2012Jun 2017

Georgia Educator Certificate

Georgia Professional Standards Commission