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Extra Curricular

Outside of journalism, I'm very involved in my club soccer team, Ventura Football Club. I've been playing soccer for more than 14 years of my life and club soccer for eight of them. I've been on VFC for six years and now our team is on one of the highest levels you can be in club soccer. I have also been involved with Ventura High School's varsity soccer team for the past two years. Soccer takes up most of my time, but I also get involved with community service. I've contributed more than forty hours to helping out Ventura County's Humane Society, where I help take care of the animals that reside there. 

Best Work

Initiative Taken

I believe that I have showed a lot of initiative throughout my years of journalism. Most of the time when we have events happening on Fridays, I have to put journalism a priority in front of my other plans. Also, to always have the videos up by the next day, Bridget and I normally stay up to get the video done that same night. I also showed initiative when I helped cover the Students vs. Teachers Basketball Game. I was informed about it during 4th period and was asked to cover it the same day at lunch. 

Character Trait

When I first meet someone, I'm not the most talkative person and that has always been my least favorite trait about myself. Although once I get to know someone and they get to know me, I'm a completely different person and I probably won't stop talking. So, at the beginning of my journalism career, that was something I was most concerned about. When interviewing someone, you don't have time to really get comfortable around them. I have to have courage, right then and there, and have the ability to have a full length conversation with them and ask the right questions needed for the video I'm making. That was my only obstacle in journalism, I would have to foster up all courage I had at the moment to go up and talk to people just to get the right quote. However, by having to do this over and over again I was able to get more at ease with everything and now going up to a random stranger and talking to them is no problem for me. This has helped me outside of journalism as well, now I'm not so afraid to strike up a conversation with someone I had never talked to before.  


Final Cut Pro X
Journalism gave me the opportunity to get extremely used to Final Cut Pro, since we use it almost every week. I know how to do most of the tricks and can figure out anything that we need to edit our videos. I'm extremely comfortable with using the program. 
Canon SLR Cameras
SLR cameras are what I use on a daily basis. I own one and create all of our videos for the site on one. I can use a wide range of Canon cameras, as well as Nikon brands. 
I've been making videos on iMovie since my family got our first Mac computer about 7 years ago. So, I'm already very familiar with the program, but by having to film every week for journalism, I feel I have become even more comfortable with the program. Now I can basically do anything needed on iMovie, although I don't normally use it anymore, since we use Final Cut Pro X to edit all our videos.