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Self Management
  Self-management is taking responsibility for your own action and behaviors, having time management, morals and a good work ethic. This is important while being in the workplace because you need to have employees with self-management who can work with out constant supervision. I have had to have self-management while being in school, you need to have time management to always be on time for commitments as well as take responsibility for the things you do.  
Critical Thinking
  Critical thinking is the process of thinking about a situation very deep, observing all the angles and choices in order to make the right decision. This is important in the business to make sure that the right choices are always being made in order to benefit the business in the most positive way possible. I have had to utilize critical thinking while making choices that would affect a group or me.  
Team Work
  Teamwork is a combined group effort of a team to achieve a common goal. Teamwork is important within a business because when it is a team effort the work can get done faster, and by having a group of people there is the possibility of different more creative ideas to be put in place and goals can be achieved faster. Teamwork has been involved in my life while playing on sports teams, I have had to be a team player and share ideas and share workloads.  
Leadership is very essential within a work place, this skill is something i appreciate very much. Someone who is a leader strives for greatness, they lead their team to achieve a common goal. I like to call my self a leader because I often guide the group im working with, help them to be sure of what there supposed to do, and make sure all work is being accomplished effectively and efficiently. Leadership experience is something I have and a skill I enjoy to use.
Communication is a huge part of working in a team within a company, I pride my self on being able to communicate efficiently within a team in order to get tasks accomplished that will benefit my team positively. I believe communication is important to gather advice, opinions, and other skills from people. I have used communication in my life many times in order to have it impact me in a positive way while doing a task.


My objective would be to go to university and study in a field that i was interested in, get a diploma then continue on to work in a successful company. All this using my managerial skills, as well as the leadership values.


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