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- Interests and Hobbies -

Some of my interests include...sports, art and drawing, helping others, food and cooking, dancing and more. My favorite sport is basketball. I played basketball in year 8 and 9, and I most likely will be playing in year 10 and further on. I love drawing and drawing for others. I draw in my free time sometimes and have fun doing it. I also really enjoy helping others if they're upset or bothered about something. 

- Interests -




I have learnt so much since attending AJHS, I also started playing much more sports, because there were so many sports opportunities. This is the place where I got my love for art, cooking and dancing.



Throughout my 6 years in APS, I had met new friends, performed in productions, prize-givings and graduations. That is also where and when I started to build my knowledge and become the person I am today. It is also where my love for writing was built.



I found my love for basketball late year 7, and then decided to start playing, so I enrolled for the girls basketball team in year 8. About a week later I was told I got into the Top Girls Basketball Team for AJHS. Sadly, we came 6th out of about 12 teams throughout the North Shore. But in year 9 we finished 2nd in the Girls Basketball Tournament.