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Emily DeVarde

Backpacker Extraordinaire. Location: The World.

Who's that girl?

So, I originally come from the north of England (Lancashire to be precise) Before I set off on my travels I lived in London working as a professional dancer and personal trainer - don't be fooled I live to work hard and play harder. This work has allowed me to be flexible with my time and develop my inter-personal skills even further, my clients have been from all over the world which is what has driven me to get up off my butt and see all the amazing places I've longed to visit and meet interesting characters along the way. On my journey I'll be writing a blog and vlogging my adventures on YouTube as I go - which is some awesome free advertising for your hostel ;-) 

Work experience

Mar 2011Apr 2012

Customer Service/Reception

Manchester Immigration & Asylum Tribunal

I worked for a year as the receptionist in the immigration and asylum court in Manchester, each day I'd meet people from all over the world all speaking different languages - even though there was often huge language barriers I always managed to understand them, keep them calm, happy and make them smile ready for their hearing.

Aug 2005Present

Bar Tender/Waitress


I've worked in hospitality on and off since I was 15 - that's 10yrs experience in the bag. I can pull a good pint, mix a few classic cocktails all with a beaming smile and a side of sass!

Jun 2011Present



From Vogueing, Waacking, HipHop, Commercial, Contemporary and Ballet - you name it I probably do it. I was born to perform and entertain, if I've had a couple of mimosas you could even persuade me to sing - throw in some tequila and I may just do my best at rapping for you... if you're lucky!

Jan 2015Present

Personal Trainer

Fit Girl London

I am a self employed Personal Trainer and Nutritionist. Now doing online training remotely from my trusty mac.


Sep 2008Jun 2011

Dance and Theatre

London Studio Centre

I danced, sang and acted my way to a 2:1 degree from the University of The Arts in London.



Throughout my dance and performance years I've been called-upon to provide my extroverted ways to entertain audiences during shows, crowds do not phase me and I really enjoy being in the limelight and making people laugh and have a great time.


Cooking: I have been Carnivore, Vegetarian & Vegan - It's one of my biggest passions and I'd love to put my skills to good use! As a vegetarian now I know how awful it can be to find decent non-meaty food - I can help resolve this.

Tour Guide

So I've never officially been a tour guide, but I used to work as a part time guide at the Saatchi Gallery on special events, walking round art fans and some celebrities persuading them to by pieces - I was really rather good, so I'm confident I would make a great tour guide/pub crawl leader.


I find washing up, cleaning and ironing somewhat therapeutic - I really don't mind laborious tasks either. I've done a fair bit of DIY in my time and can paint, saw and nail things together pretty well.


Is this a viable skill for hostel work? I'd say so. Tired travellers who have aching limbs from all that walking around - they need some respite surely?! I worked as an Ibiza Angel for nearly a year providing over-the-clothes invigorating massages to the masses. Sharing is caring guys.