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Key Skills

Natural leader with an energetic, executive presence - Highly imaginative - Active listener - Constant learner, quickly earning expert status - Skilled negotiator - Understands the local and regional cultures of international communities relative to marketing - Excels at team performance management - Positive commitment to excellence.


Fluently Trilingual • Brand Design • Business Development • Change Management

Market Expansion • Strategic Vision • Community Involvement

Merchandising • 360 Degree Marketing • Event Planning

I have aggressively accelerated revenue streams and bottom line margins for a multitude of B2B and B2C businesses in Europe and Latin America. My consistent successes in local, national and international markets span the industries of high-end retail and fashion, manufacturing, construction, transportation, logistics, and TV media. In addition, my immersion into the largest European media regulatory agency, coupled with an advanced education in international business, uniquely allows me to interpret your global business needs while intimately understanding the local/regional customer. More importantly, I have brought strategic market-driven focus and tactical direction to the marketing departments I have led, resulting in consistently strong impacts to the bottom line.

"If your company is positioned for growth internationally and you need an experienced marketer to evolve your business, let’s have a conversation about how my talents can realize your plans."

  •  Strong International Leadership Experience
  • Creator of Marketing Campaigns with Impressive Results
  • Maximizes Margin through Keen Analysis & Organization

Marketing Concepts


Social Responsability

Area of Expertise - BTL

Volunteering in my Community

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Work experience


Global Account Director

Red Fuse - Grey Healthcare group

Developing global campaign for Prescription Diet (the veterinarian exclusive brand of Hill's Pet Nutrition) to be roll-out globally from the communication strategy to the execution of the touchpoint strategy.


Marketing and Business Development Consultant

EJ - International Marketing Consulting

"Creating new opportunities for your company Locally & Abroad"

- Be coherent in your Marketing Strategy
- Keep your Message & "Look" Consistent
- Think beyond the obvious
- Create and Broadcast your concept story

Create and elaborate marketing and business development strategies for small and mid-size companies in the retail & service industries that have recently experienced a significant decrease in their revenue using the smallest dollar possible in their budget and create a new experience for their costumer while maximizing profits and increasing sales for their company.


Marketing Manager

Lacoste & Geox distributed by Sportmex

Responsible for local and national marketing in Mexico for an internationally-known brands with up to 200 locations nationwide, budgets up to multimillion budgets USD. Direct reports, including senior staff.

  • Created consumer incentive campaigns that catapulted sales 35% across all categories.
  • Increases as high as 50% within 3 weeks. 
  • Additionally increased overall foot traffic nationwide by 25%. 
  • Boosted media exposure for key product line by 50% with half the budget.
  • Expert event planner, planned 20 high profile PR events for Lacoste. 
  • Managed sport tournament sponsorships, including $200K for an LPGA invitational; brought brand awareness to #1 spot
  • Created region-specific Facebook presence with a fan page that grew to 50K within 13 months.
  • increased media coverage 50% in less than 2 years.
  • Additionally doubled the average items per purchase – nearly triple the industry average.
  • Reduced material costs by 30% while reinforcing consumer memorization through repetition.
  • Catapulted marketing ROI 150% for one product line. 
  • Able to increase efficacy of marketing efforts with 50% of prior year’s overall budget.

Senior Product Manager

  • Overall sales grew at rates of up to double industry averages. 
  • Up to 40 direct reports, including seniorstaff
  • Expanded direct marketing customer database by 43% within 15 months. 
  • Analyzed 40K customer list to effectively promote events that increased sales by 40% for target products.
  • Shot national market ranking for one employer from #11 to #5 within 18 months. 
  • Built and retained top talent,increasing average tenure by 600%. 
  • Increased customer traffic by 25% with newsletter campaign.
  • Maintained tight inventory control; consistently 83% less than predecessor, without sacrificing availability. 
  • Developed a breakthrough way of lowering key asset costs by 30%.

Junior Research Executive – International Dept


• Maximized profits margins of Clients Business customizing B-Rights reports (Eurodata Service of Worldwide Certification) searching and gathering their properties in authorative post-broadcast data from TV monitoring and registering, analyzing their market position and evaluating their TV Performance. Increase productivity by cutting analysis time by 2/3 enhancing the tools used.
• Leveraged Customer Competitiveness gathering and diagnosing new scripted and non-scripted TV formats in Europe and United States.
• Investigated and compiled studies about international viewers’ insights in a panel of more than 77 countries.


Marketing Research Analyst


Increased company revenue elaborating a quantitative and qualitative market research analysis for a new plant acquisition, detecting new areas of opportunities and preventing declined markets and products.


Marketing & Quality Analyst


• Anticipated market prices fluctuation interviewing different actors of the shipping industry.
• Increased 20% productivity work in several department areas detecting wrong process application control and implementing effective process application.