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Character Trait

A character that means a lot to me is courage.Having courage is the backbone to all things whether that is to do something, say something, or stand up for someone/something.This year The Foothill Dragon Press helped me gain courage in speaking.Having to get out of our comfort zone was something journalism really made me do.Talking to people and having the courage to speak up was a character that really stuck with me this year.Going off to college and university soon courage is a trait that I will be able to carry with me this year.

Best Work


Extra-Curricular activities besides The Foothill Dragon Press include volunteering at a retirement home near my house, volunteering at Ventura County Christian school and FTHS as a teacher’s assistant for Commuunity Service, working for my parents company, and playing piano (when homework gives me the chance).Workingat Sunday school at my church, and babysitting periodically are all sure to keep me busy in my free time too.


Senior Hero Projects was a big part of this year’s features section.With people from the news section stepping in to help, it was a great success.Starting out we didn’t know how it would end up or if it was even a good idea to start it but our 2 person staff was quickly getting articles in about various seniors.This was a time in which I really had to step up because there were features on different students going on at the same time as Senior Hero Projects as well.Interacting with different seniors was a joy to meet them and an inspiration to what they were each doing.

Another time I took initiative is all the different features we did on students around campus.A simple task to think about a hard one to act out on. With freshman who don’t understand the deadlines, seniors who have too much on their mind and sophomores and juniors who are hard to reach.There was constant editing, re-doing, and lack of communication always underlying each time.Having to run around constantly chasing down people for interviews was a big task I had to stay on top of. 


Deadlines were literally the end of me.  Although I am a organized person this year has made me realize how important deadlines are.  With one every other week the importance of being quick is much appreciated.  My main battle this year was keeping up with them.  When to turn things in on time, and how to catch up when they aren’t have made me prioritize, and learn management skills.
  As much as I love talking, being around people and being social interviewing has a different feel and doing it for the first time could be very nerve racking.  The FDP made me realize the difference between talking with friends and talking with adults.  When to be serious and when to be funny.  All very useful communication skills   
Though I only took pictures a few times for the press, my photography skills did improve.  Before I came into the class I barely knew how to use a Canon camera let alone the lighting, which way you want to get them posing/facing, how action shots are better, etc. 
English always being my favorite class, essays and speeches were one of my favorite aspects of the class. Journalism not only gave me the chance to expand in it but express it in other ways while improving my writing skills.