Emilie Mendez

Veterinarian (BVSc)


Highly motivated and enthused veterinarian looking to continue pursuing a fulfilling career in emergency medicine and surgery and with this positively contributing towards the health and wellbeing of animals, growing trusting relationships with clients and devoting my efforts towards providing gold standard care wherever possible. Interested in a full time position. Also available for a trial work interview. 


Jan 2009 - Nov 2014

Bachelor of Veterinary Science

Massey University

Palmerston North

Apr 2015 - Jan 2015

Registered with National Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners (NAVLE)

Colorado State Registered

Passed Examination on April 21st 2015 

Jan 2005 - Jan 2009

University Enterance

Westlake Girls High School 

NCEA level 1-3

Work experience

Work experience
2015 - Present

North Shore Afterhours Glenfield


General and emergency based medicine  (consulting, diagnosing prescribing medication) overnight monitoring, continue care of referred cases , general soft tissue surgery , surgical emergencies, blood sampling, laboratory interpretations, radiography, stabilising fractures, handling and anaesthesia of fractious, paediatric and geriatric patients, clear, concise but empathetic communication skills with distressed owners, euthanasias, time management, accustomed to 10-14 hour shifts. 

Apr 2015 - Present

Whangaparaoa Veterinary Centre


General practice veterinarian in a busy small animal practice. 

Jan 2013 - Jan 2014

Small Animal Practices

Work experience
  • Auckland SPCA (1 week)
  • East Coast Bays Veterinary Clinic (5 weeks)
  • Forest Hill Veterinary Clinic (1 week)
  • Massey University Small Animal Hospital (7 weeks)
  • Orewa Beach Veterinary clinic (4 weeks)
  • Whangaparaoa Veterinary Clinic (3 weeks)

Specific Emergency Skills 

  • Specific cases treated related to emergency medicine; 
    • Food bloat, blocked bladders, road traffic accidents, dislocations, closed fractures, toxicities (chocolate, karaka berries), traumatic brain injuries, acute asthma crisis, chronic heart failure, acute renal failure, addisonian crisis, oesophageal foreign body,  pericardial effusion, pleural effusion and hemoabdomen
  • Specific cases treated relating to emergency surgery;
    • Degloving injuries, wounds, abscesses and gastric dilation and volvulus
  • Participate in the following cases (not sole charge);
    • Enterotomy, anastomosis, cystotomy, caesareans and pyometra


  • Massey ‘RADIC’ (Radiology and Diagnostic Imaging Club)
  • Massey ‘AWAG’ (Animal Welfare Awareness Group)
  • Massey ‘Bovine Appreciation Group’
  • Massey ‘Student Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care Society’ (SVECS)
  • Vin.com
  • Vetprep.com
  • Fiveminutevetconsult.com
  • On the Floor @Dove