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Emilia-Alexandrina Apostu

  • address: Amurgului street, number 12, Cornetu, Ilfov County, Romania, zip code: 077070
  • date of birth: 11.07.1994, nationality: Romanian, gender: female, marital status: single, telephone: 0734504494

Aerospace Engineer

Professional Experience

October 2017present

Graduate Engineering Trainee


Directorate: Strategy and Safety Management 
1. EPAS Team
- Develop the EPAS implementation within states report 
- Provide support to the publication and monitoring of the EPAS
- Contribute to the organization of SM Teb workshop

2. Impact Assessment Team
- Support the Preliminary Impact Assessment (PIA): involvement in PIA analysis and support to fine-tune the PIA process, update of the PIA user guide
- Data portal: support the IA team to propose new ways to structure and access the data used for Impact Assessment
- Rulemaking task on Datalink Services and SESAR: support for data collection

3. Better Regulation Team
- Update of rulemaking process Work Instructions
- Update of ARIS documentation related to programming and rulemaking

June 2016September 2016


Arpiem Aviation

For my mandatory practice I decided the Arpiem Aviation firm, based on the recommendation of one of my professors. Its main activity consists of CAMO, which was a new domain for me so I learned plenty:

  • the evaluation of service bulletins
  • the organization of maintenance technical records 
  • the evaluation of ADs (airworthiness directives)
  • the presentation of OASES and practice under guidance 
  • the method of how work cards are being realized

In addition, this internship was a chance for me to work in an aviation firm along with my colleagues from my university and to get in contact with alumni.

July 2016September 2016


Gebruder Weiss

I was able to have an inside view of cargo transactions, to observe the environment of a multinational firm and to develop various skills like attention to detail, working under pressure, management (plan, prioritize, and achieve) and teamwork.

June 2015October 2015

Summer jobs

Work and Travel - United States of America

This was a challenge for me, and in the end I become more mature, reliable and wise. Having different jobs and working with people from all over the world helped me to improve my communication skills, flexibility and multitasking. I tried to keep a positive attitude and be more attentive about costumers satisfaction. The fact that I have good people skills helped me to create friendships which still last.

 June 2014July 2014



This was my first contact with the aerospace industry, so I chose the Repairs and Maintenance Department. Seeing the inside of the cockpit for the first time and witnessing the mechanics fixing airplanes was an unforgettable experience. Not only did it helped me to determine the practical side of what I was learning, but this experience enhanced my curiosity and my determination to became a successful engineer. 



Aerospace Management Specialization

Faculty of Aerospace Engineering of University Politehnica Bucharest

After two years of general subjects such as ordinary differential equations and linear algebra, fluid mechanics, atmospheric physics, the basis of Matlab and Matcad, I started my specialization in aerospace management, where I learned more about aviation law, economic models, airport management, airport security management.

My final thesis analyzes the probability of the risk of collision. I am interested in safety issues in aerospace and  plan to pursue a career in this area because I find it fascinating.


EPAS training


Annex 19 training


Introduction to Safety Management Systems (SMS)


Air Transport Economics


Performance Based Environment- initial and advanced training


Level of involvment-initial training


Safety Data Collection & Analysis (EASA Perspective)


Impact Assessment courses

1. Introduction to Impact Assessment

2. Tools for Impact Assessment

3. Preliminary Impact Assessment 

November 2016

IELTS C1 English certification

IELTS Academic

Listening: 7/9
Reading: 9/9
Writing: 6.5/9
Speaking: 7/9


ECDL certificate

ECDL course

After I passed all five modules, I received the European Computer Driving Licence Core that attests my knowledge in:

  • Word Processing
  • Spreadsheets
  • Database
  • Powerpoint Presentations
  • Basic Concepts of Information Technology

Teaching certificate

Teaching Course

After three years of theoretical and practical knowledge, I finished this course and received my diploma which allows me to teach students under 10th grade. I am proud to be a teacher because I love children and I enjoy organizing, teamwork and empathizing with others.

October 2014December 2014

Catia designer

Catia course

After three months of intensive work, I finished the first module of Catia V5 which combines the following parts: Sketcher, Part Design, Assembly Design and Drafting.