Work experience

Work experience
Jan 2008 - Present

Director of Energy Systems

Logos Technologies


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Dr. E. Michael Campbell, a specialist in nuclear energy, electro-optics, and lasers, has worked with numerous national laboratories, the United States Department of Energy, and various energy and technology companies. In addition to his scientific contributions, Dr. E. Michael Campbell has successfully worked in business development, strategic planning, and other areas throughout his career. Since 2008, Dr. E. Michael Campbell has worked as the Director of Energy Systems at Logos Technologies. He has managed programs pursuing the efficient production of specialized hydrocarbon fuels from cellulosic feedstock, the development of fusion-fission hybrids, and the development of Generation IV nuclear fission reactors. Dr. Campbell oversees the management, execution, strategic vision, and revenue creation for all energy research and development projects at the company. Before working at Logos Technologies, he spent eight years as Executive Vice President of General Atomics’ Energy Group, overseeing similar work and interacting with major research laboratories and public officials. Dr. E. Michael Campbell holds a Master of Science in Applied Physics from Princeton University and a Doctor of Science from the University of Western Sydney, where wrote his dissertation on High Intensity Laser Plasma Interactions and Applications to Inertial Fusion and High Energy Density Physics. Dr. Campbell is a Fellow of the American Physical Society’s Division of Plasma Physics and the European Institute of Physics.