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I've been learning and working with development and systems since my youth.

I've started my career at fifteen when I create my own site to provide useful information for tourists visiting the city where I was born. After that I've worked on the development systems for different types of companies from aircraft manufacturers to investment banks.

With 10+ years of experience in software development in various languages like Java, C-sharp, Javascript frameworks (jQuery, ExtJS, Angular) and a bit of Swift language for iOS.

Currently as Software Architect I working to promote and implement the Agile + DevOps, continuous integration and delivery, test automation (TDD, BDD) practices with SOA architecture (RESTful microservices).

I'm passionate for new technologies and thus keep me updated. Early adopter, self-taught, always thinking in new ideas.

Work experience

May 2012Present

Senior Systems Analyst

Barclays Investment Bank

I've started to work at Barclays Sao Paulo office as consultant to develop a local system for cash control in real-time and past one year I was hired as Senior Systems analyst with the challenge of introducing new technologies in the development of systems for the web and past more one year I moved to the local Architecture Team.

During the last years I've a hard and grateful work to manage and develop responsive systems using the Agile + DevOps concepts, coding in a RESTful microservices environment with Java + .Net framework, Spring + NHibernate, using NoSQL database MongoDB, tests using Mock + Specflow and versioning control with Git. Continuous integration with TeamCity + Nexus and continuous delivery with CA Release automation.

In business all development are focused in the automation of process like system to validation trades between front and back offices, system to monitoring accounts transactions in real time, system to generate regulatory reports and systems to trading FX, Bond and Equity products.

Aug 2007May 2012

Senior Systems Analyst

H2M Solucoes Ltda

In this software-house I worked with many projects for different companies like Alcatel-Lucent, C&A, Cielo and I was responsible to design and developing web solutions using C-Sharp language, YUI (Yahoo User Interface) javascript framework, jQuery framework and some mobile applications in Android platform.

I got great experience with credit card payment and transactions business and products from investment banking.

Jan 2006Apr 2007

Systems Analyst


In my first job I was hired as Junior Systems Analyst and I worked to develop web solutions with C-sharp language, SQL Server database for the Brazilian largest manufacturer of aircraft (Embraer). I also worked with bug fixes in systems developed for other clients in ASP, PHP and Java.



Systems Development Technologist

IBTA - Instituto Brasileiro de Tecnologia Avançada





SOA Architecture

RESTFul Services with C Sharp

Dropwizard with Java

Spring DI


Continuous Integration

TeamCity (build automation)

Codeship (build automation)

Nexus (package control)

GIT (versioning repository)

Sonar Qube (code metrics)

Continuous Delivery

CA Release Automation (Nolio)




Reactive Programming

Akka (Actor model)

Play Framework (Java and Scala)

Agile + DevOps




I've experience with Startup environment.


Intermediate level.