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Isabelle Anglin

A sophomore in high school looking to farther expand her education.


I have lived in Columbia City my whole life. I went to school here for the last 10 years. I have been shaped and improved as a person through my time spent with teachers and friends.

Work experience


Arcade Girl

The Event and Fun Center @ Paige's Crossing


Aug 2014May 2018

Sophomore / On track for a Core 40 with Academic Honors diploma 

Columbia City High School


Communication Skills
I am very involved within my school as in being on the student council, secretary of the Columbia City youth council, and being president of the class of 2018. Because I am so widely involved I have to be skilled in communicating with not only my follow council members but, the whole school and adults of much higher authority. 
I got a legal job working at Paige's Crossing when I was 14 in the 8th grade. From having a job I've learned a lot about having to be responsible so that people will trust you and so that you do not make the business look bad. 
Tech Savy
I have taken multiple computer classes through high school and as of now I've passed graphic design and photography. This makes me very skilled in the art of Photoshop.
With much changing with education and within my family I have become more able to adapt with whatever is thrown at me.