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Customer Service
Working in a restaurant has taught me all about dealing with diverse groups of people with various dispositions.
Manage large groups of people
I am always in a leadership position with no less than 20 people directly under me at any given time. It is my responsibility to coordinate their schedules with the requirements for accomplishing our tasks as a group. Many of these people have basic level 1 skill sets.
Competent in confirming insurance claims
I worked in a dentist office at the front desk from 2007-2010. During that time, I worked with insurance companies and insurance claims.

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Work experience

Oct 2010Present


Army Reserve Officer Training Corps

I am currently on a full-ride, national scholarship through the United States Army. Every day I am evaluated on my leadership, depth of knowledge, and conduct.

Apr 2012Present


McAlister's Deli

I both take orders and serve customers that come into the deli. I deal with customers facing problems with their food, customers who have questions and help my coworkers stay up on their tasks.






United States Army