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Named for the individuals entrusted to guard a tribal society’s precious source of fire, Ember Carriers nurtures high-performing, creative corporate talent. Ember Carriers provides industry-leading organizational performance consulting, enhancing profitability and productivity. Ember Carriers' Leadership Blueprint is a program lasting eight sessions specially designed to target creative, innovative employees and provide them the tools to make the most of leadership roles, particularly when they are first promoted. By lessening the amount of time gifted employees require to move into management work, Ember Carriers can save companies approximately $108,000 a year and reduce the transition time to only 8 to 12 months.

Through its successful consulting relationships, Ember Carriers has learned that a number of myths prevent companies from making the most of even very talented managers. Through its Leadership Blueprint program, Ember Carriers emphasizes that promotion does not necessarily translate into transition; employees who receive promotions do not automatically perform to the extent of their leadership capabilities; and the transition to a higher-responsibility position does not occur overnight. In addition, Ember Carriers stresses that ordinary management skills training is not as effective as many employers believe. Without a fundamental shift in behaviors and perspective like that offered by Ember Carriers' Leadership Blueprint, new managers cannot become high-impact, dynamic leaders. Clients have also returned glowing reviews of Ember Carriers’ iTeam workshops. By sharing personal goals and emphasizing the importance of each team member’s individual strengths, iTeam has even increased productivity for third-party payer teams. Other intensive workshops designed and hosted by Ember Carriers include Unleashing the Leader Within, Quest for Excellence, Insights into Personal Effectiveness, and Beyond Management. Ember Carriers provides more information about its consulting services online at www.embercarriers.com.


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The Importance of an Organized Brainstorming Session

Many companies find that it is easy to fall into a routine in the way they approach problems. Maybe they find that a particular approach is “good enough,” so they continue to employ that approach despite its downsides and drawbacks. In some situations, the satisfactory approach may not need changed. However, in other cases, there may be a more effective and efficient way to handle the problem. Therefore, it is important that companies encourage ideas and input from employees at various levels of its chain of command. One way to get this input is to hold a group brainstorming session.A well-run brainstorming session where employees feel free to share ideas without judgment can be an important tool. In addition to helping solve a problem, it shows that the company encourages innovation. Additionally, if employees feel that their ideas are being heard and considered, employee morale may very likely rise. However, there are some common pitfalls of group brainstorming sessions. Organizational leadership consulting group Ember Carriers recommends identifying a very clear goal for the session. This helps the group stay on topic and focused on the problem at hand. Mary Hladio, president of Ember Carriers, also recommends keeping the session short and the group relatively small, to perhaps five to seven people.